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coyotewi(Z4a South Wi)February 16, 2006

I was shopping used blowers earlier this week, and I can't believe the prices...

One shop wanted $500 for a 10 year old toro 8 horse. It was in very good condition yes, but doesn't that seem awfully expensive for a 10 year old blower??

Another shop has a 6 year old Ariens ST724 for $350, but he said it needs a tune up ($69 + parts)

What are your experiences with used blower prices?

Side note: I missed out on 50% off new Toro 826 by one day at HD. I was pretty pissed.

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Last year i sold a used Ariens 2-stage, for $250! Electric start, self=propelled, etc.
I have a used Craftsman, electric start for $65. No snow! Also several Toros'. no snow-no sale! And, how about a really nice Craftsman 2 stage, electric start, not S.P. for $200! No sale, no snow!

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Around here (eastern MA) I've been sort of following snowblower prices in online classifieds. 1st-pattern ('60s-70s) Ariens snowblowers usually are in the $150-200 range. 2nd pattern ('70s-80s) in the $200-300 range. "Modern" (late '80s and newer) Ariens tend to top out around $350-450. These are all 24" in the 6HP (older) to 8HP range. You don't get much discount for a newer compact Ariens (like an ST724) but larger ones get more pricy fast. Older large ones are still pretty cheap.

In general Hondas go for much more, Simplicities about the same but much rarer, Toros are usually less. Sears/AYP/Murray/MTD snowblowers are much less unless they're like new.

I paid $200 for my 10-year-old Toro 724 and I got a good deal, but not killer. I figure it's worth around $350 tops if I find a desperate buyer in deep winter. Like new, but a medium frame machine. I certainly wouldn't pay $500 for a 8HP, even if it's a full-size snowblower.

If you get lucky I'd say an early '90s Ariens or Simp 824 would be possible at $200. Certainly available for around $350 in good shape. Prices go down as the season ends although fewer people sell them, too.

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Those prices you were quoted are high.

I've been trying to sell my 80's Toro 826 for $125 and I can't get anyone to take it off my hands. Electric start, 8hp 3 fwd/1 reverse and it runs good.

You can get a much better deal than they are offering.

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coyotewi(Z4a South Wi)

That confirms what I was thinking, thanks!

Of course that doesn't help me with the foot of snow we got over the last day!!!

My new neighbor offered to finish cleaning my EOD for me (last night before snow plowed it in) Then he came over with a small 1 stage, I felt kinda bad, but I'd been shoveling for well over an hour so I let him finish it for me. It was a struggle! Of course I thanked him profusely.

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What until mid to late March when the season is over. Look on the local Craigslist and eBay.

Last year I bought a 10 year old Ariens ST824 with a replacement engine on EBay for $212 over Easter weekend. It did not have an electric start but the 8hp has a compression release. It had some rust but was overall sound. I painted it, put new tires; belts; scraper bar; skids; and friction disk for around $100. Then I kept going....

Ariens and Toro have the best parts availability, although I think Simplicity might be good as well. The old 5-7hp Ariens machines do a great job and are extremely simple. The 7hp models and some others often had an automotive style differential and a cast iron auger gearbox.

Beware buying from some of the middle-men in either place. There are several in MA and NH who buy machines cheap, do just enough work to get it running OK, then offer it with an effusive descrption. They seldom if ever replace bladly worn scrapers and skids, let alone blets, friction disks, etc. I was careful and the seller was honest and had the serial # and model # of the machine to verify the age. But I've seen machines that are as much as 35 years old being described as
much newer.

I bet some of those folks who bought 50% off machines will dump their old ones soon.

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I've got an old Dayton that needs a home. Has'nt been used for at least 10 years. Has a disc drive with five forward speed and two reverse 5 hp Techumseh. This thing is built like a tank. No plastic. Engine run perfect. If anyone is interested let me know. Right now it is under a tarp outside.

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I have a 1978 Sears 8HP 24" Path 14" Impeller. Recently rebuilt and performed well in recent 16" storm on my 300+ drive as well as the neighbors'. Stored in my garage and is looking for a good home. Only getting rid of it to make room for a new addition - Husqvarna 11HP 30". I spent $175 on rebuild and would like to at recover my investment.

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i`m 17 years old boy from Israel and I have some questions about the snow blower because I have to do a work anout the problem of moving snow from pathes (in countreies which have cold climte).
I would like you to answer me about some questions that I should answer for the work prosses. please send me a posetive reply that says you can answer me and I then, I`ll send you the questions I want you to answer.
Thanks a lot for your attention! :)

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Hey, Yuval, ask anything you want--i'll try to answer to the best of my knowledge!
Rusty Jones

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bought a used Ariens ST724 rebuilt. Needs a bottom cover but am told it's not available anymore. Anyone know where I can get one?


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I have a John Deere Model TRS22 for sale. Good Condition.
Call 845-227-4150 or email me at GRudolfer@Optimum.Net

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fredbarber(z4 CO & z6 MA)

What garandman said: You don't get any bargains on snowblowers while there's snow on the ground. In fact, I'd bet this affects the used market much more than the new market -- a new machine will sell for MSRP in season and some nominal discount out of season, but a used machine may double in price when everyone's buying. If you're between a rock and a hard place, all you can do is suck it up (as I did some years ago when I bought my Honda in the middle of a blizzard). But if you can find a way to wait four to six months, do so.

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How much should I pay for a used 33 inch, 13hp Yard King snow blower ?

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I would suspect that if you wait to next spring that you will get a better price on a snow blower than now when there is 30" of snow on the ground in some places.

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