Is Delosperma evergreen?

aachenelf z5 MplsApril 10, 2013

Last year a Delosperma seedling of unknown origin appeared in my garden and grew nicely through the summer. When I was out looking around the other day, I found it and it is not looking good - totally dried up and very dead looking. But maybe that's what they're suppose to do in my climate - I don't know.

Keep in mind we have not had an ounce of warmth yet. Nothing - I mean NOTHING is starting to grow yet, so could there still be some hope for this little thing? I don't grow any other Delosperma, so I have nothing to compare it to.


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It does look dead during the winter. When it gets warm, what looks like little succulent fingers grow out of the nodes. Sometimes I cut it back but most of the time I don't and it still covers itself with flowers.

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Kevin, I got caught up with last year's trendy delosperma "Fire Spinner". I planted probably 4 or 5 of these plants. They spread well but nary a flower. And looking today each of these "Fire Spinners" have faded to mostly nothing. I am thinking they have left this world; to much wet and cold. But then again with this spring being so much behind what I have seen in the past I just hope I am being a bit premature in pronouncing a 'death sentence'. So to make a long story even longer I am hoping that these plants are not evergreen!

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aachenelf z5 Mpls

Thanks. That's helpful.

I was doing some searching on the topic, but most of the comments seemed to come from warmer climates where it appears these are at least somewhat evergreen. I'll keep hoping, but my-oh-my this thing really looks dead.

This little plant was going to be my test plant. If it survived the winter I'll explore getting more.


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I have just one Delosperma that has survived more than one winter. It hasn't looked dead to me in the spring, though it does look a bit tan and discouraged, but we generally have good snow cover that keeps it from getting that freezer burned look. The one I killed prior to this was in a rock wall and so above the snow for much of the winter. It was a crispy, dried out looking set of twiggy looking dead leaves and stems and it did not recover.

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They all stay evergreen here. In your zone you may have to protect them some in winter.

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mrsgalihad(5 CO)

In Denver it isn't evergreen. I just walked past my neighbor's big patch and it's all crispy looking. They have both purple and yellow planted together and it puts on a nice show in the summer.

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alicate(SW Michigan, zone 5)

I found here in Michigan (5b) they do not overwinter very well at all. I even considered digging mine up and bringing them indoors but with the kids, dogs, school and other things, that fell very low on my priority list.

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Again I know it is still early but with the snow finally gone in this area of the garden this "Fire Spinner" is looking not so good. This is just 1 of 4 but all look similarly. I was hoping to finally see some of those very cool flowers but if none of these plants survive I will not replace them with more of the same.

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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

In spite of the cold, late spring, I am surprised to see signs of life from many different types of perennials, including late risers like Japanese anemones and Geranium 'Rozanne'.

The three Delosperma 'Fire Spinner' I planted last summer still look exactly like rouge21's photo above. As far as I can tell, they are dead, D-E-D (lol).

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Fire Spinner stayed green all winter here. I think it even grew some. The roots are huge!

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A year later

echinaceamaniac, I recall seeing wonderful pics of various Delosperma from your garden but mistake me if I am wrong but never anything from the oft touted FS?

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davids10 z7a nv.

in reno nv started blooming about a month ago

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davids10 z7a nv.

desert jewels which is a hybrid of firespinner and cooperi-firespinner does ok, is planted in gravel-desert jewels is 3 ft across from a 3 inch pot 2 years ago-the hybrids sold as desert jewels and mesa verde seem tougher-they are sort of evergreen here.

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