Fuel lines for Sears Chainsaw

akjas(64481)February 6, 2010

I need to know where the fuel lines connect, from the tank to the carb I figured out,the carb has only one fitting, there is no primer, where does the second one go? This is a sears saw, but is the same as a poulan. Something chewed it off and I can't see where to connect it. Thanks in advance.

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What is the model no. of the saw ??
It doesn't sound like the plastic Poulans that have 3 lines in the carb area, with a primer.

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Thanks for the answer. I think I figured it out. Its a vent line. It has a little rubber valve on the part in the tank, then it just lays in the space under the carb.

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I thought I had solved this problem. The saw is a Craftsman Mod# 358-354830, all the other stickers are worn off. I have a Poulan 3400, these two saws look alike, except for cosmetics. I got the fuel lines replaced, the saw runs fine, cuts well, but if I turn it sideways to limb, gas runs out of the carb area. I must have missed something. Thanks as always for any help.

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Well I have a Poulan 3400. About 2-3 years ago, I had to replace the fuel lines on my saw. I did not know what to do with the end of the fuel line that lays aross the top of the fuel tank either, but I just tucked it in there and so far so good. About a year ago I rebuilt the carb., but I have not noticed any gas leaking when I ran it. I only use it about once a year though.

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If you have an extra fuel line you didn't know what to do with or know what it is for, I'm speculating it is the fuel tank vent line.
If it doesn't go into a special vent apparatus, it is probably the type that just has a little grub screw inserted an inch or two from the tank.
As tank empties, there will be just enough air come in around the screw threads to provide venting.
hope this helps,

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Thanks for all the help. I think I found the problem for sure this time LOL. There is a duckbill valve that should have been on the end of the vent line. Somehow it came off and fell in the tank, this allowed the vent line to act as a siphon, and just squirt gas out the open line. I reattached the duckbill valve and the saw seems to work fine. Its always the little things that sneak up on you. Thanks again!

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