Bunny poop vs. Alfalfa or Bunny food as ammendments

poaky1February 1, 2013

I used to have bunnies and used all of the litter they produced in my composter and the poops as is on garden plots also. My question is, if I bought the food, which is alfalfa mixed with other greens etc. in the pellet form, is it just as good as bunny poop? Or are the bunny poops rich in other soil helping things? I know that there is bacteria in bunny poops that help the bunnies digest their food, they eat their morning poops to recycle this needed bacteria each day, but are poops better than using the food and eliminating the "Middle Bunny-man? I have been buying poo because my 2 bunnies are gone. It's cheap but is it better than just using the food pellets straight from the bag?

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As people have learned over the eons processing of the herbage by the digestive system makes for a different, and in some ways better, end product. Manures in many ways are better then the material input would be. Cover crops, the same thing as the feed, have advantages. Waste herbage put into the compost heap is transformed into a product that is better, sooner, then putting the same herbage right into your garden.
You could buy that bunny food, put of you have access to other mateial, why?

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Okay, so poop trumps bunny food. Good to know.

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Bunny food sounds like an expensive source of nutrients, unless it's just alfalfa pellets and you can get it in very big bags cheap. I would think other herbivore manures wouldn't be all that much different, and probably cheaper or free.

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Well, really, the food is cheap also, but if the poo is better no problem. I have seen manure charts that show he NPK and nutrients of different manures listed. This was in the past, I can't remember where on the web but, they weren't selling anything so I assumed it was correct for the most part. I can get free horse manure, unless the people down the road from me with horses don't have them any more. It has been about 2 yrs. since I have gotten the horse manure from them. My point is that the bunny poo was listed as the most benificial at providing NPK and other neeed soil elements (for lack of a better word) for soil. Also, I don't have a truck for hauling horse manure, so the rubbermaid containers, and 5 or 6 trips is tiring, when I can get further with less bun poo, I chose bun poo.

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To get the manure, poo, from bunnies or any other animal you do need to feed them and for many people that usually means purchasing food, so the expense is not a consideration.

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I don't have my bunnies anymore, but what I pay for bunny poo on Ebay probably is cheaper than feeding bunnies of my own and getting a medium sized box of pure bunny poop, no bedding. Bedding is good too of course but not when you're paying postage. Kimmsr, I am unsure of your point in the last pst from you. I don't have my bunnies any longer, so I am confused about the point of having to feed them any way. Do you mean it should be free to get the bunny poop? My source isn't local, it's from Ebay, so I have to pay. All the pet stores will have bunnies in spring, but not after that, and they may not give it to me anyway. I will have greens galore in spring and don't need the Bun poo, but I like that I can make tea from it to water in, they're like little organic fertilizer pods.

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The food is not expensive considering the price of 50lb bag of alfalfa meal. But, you should use if you have a low levels of nitrogen in your soil.

You might want to try an organic micro nutrient for your soil.

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