Need source for asian Hoe Handle

gyozu(7 Winston-Salem, NC)February 7, 2011

I am posting this here since I could not find a hand tool section.

Looking for replacement handles for hoe imprinted "Crocodile Anchor 3# made in thailand 2914c" It is a heavy digging hoe with a non standard Eye. I also found a similar hoe made in china by tombo. It is their model h301.

This is not carried by any local farm or garden supply store.

Here is photo.

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I had a similar problem only it was an Italian "Grape Hoe" I think it's called. Ended up buying a replacement wooden handle for a post hole digger and shaping the square end to fit the half-round hole. Interesting, the tools look very similar?

Good luck,


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I have seen that brand in large Chinese grocery stores - I bought one in a store in Ann Arbor, MI

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gyozu(7 Winston-Salem, NC)

Thanks for that tip. I did go back to the store where I bought it. They had handles, but they would not sell them by themselves. You had to buy the handle, head and wedge together.

I ended up getting handle that was for either a post hole digger or a wheel barrow and shaping that to fit. Works fine and it was $8.00 for the blank.

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Good to know! Was it the same length?

Also - my blade keeps shaking loose - am doing something wrong when I put the wedge in obviously. Any tips or instructions?


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gyozu(7 Winston-Salem, NC)

The handle blank that I used was longer than the original. Maybe 60"- 62". Goes above my shoulder and I am 5'10".
The hoe eye has a tapered hole with a flat side. To put it on, I slip it on over the grip end and bang it on the floor to seat it. I carved the handle real close to the eye and it fits tight. I have not needed to use the wedge so I am not sure how it gets placed on the handle. I think it gets driven into the large side of the eye between the handle and the metal, not into the wood like a hammer.There have been no problems with it loosening up and the design does not allow it to rotate.

One plus in making the handle is that I could size it for my height and grip.

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