Stihl MS 250 oil & gas caps

squirejohn zone4 VTFebruary 24, 2011

Any one else having trouble with the filler caps for this saw? I have less than 10 hours on my saw and have had to replace the gas cap and now the oil filler cap is messed up and it takes me about five minutes before I can get it back on. I don't know why Stihl went to this crappy design cap instead of a "normal" screw cap.

Also the 250 seems kinda wimpy as my 180 cuts just as fast. Maybe a different bar and chain would make a difference, but as long as my JoBu L86 still runs I won't bother to change it.

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Why would the caps need replacement unless you have somehow physically damaged them? Do you realize that you can misalign the part which inserts into the tank and the outer clamping mechanism if you don't install them in the right orientation and then twist them? Then you'll never get them to lock. Simple fix though, pull them out, rotate pieces by hand to correct alignment and re-install in the proper orientation.

I'm throwing the B.S. flag on the ms180 cutting as fast as the ms250, have you checked to see if your chain is on backward on the 250? Even though the ms250 is a smaller mid-size saw it is still much more powerful than the 180 and with equally sharp chains there will be no comparison unless you only cut 2" diameter and less.

What's a Jobu? Isn't that a tv chimp or something? Your post makes you seem like the sort of customer who's saws I would buy back from you at retail to avoid putting up with future whining.

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I just had gotten a recall letter on my FS trimmer for the fuel cap. It has the same cap as my saw I think, so I assume the recall will follow...

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A lot of people don't like those caps. Give your 250 time to break in but 10 hours should be enough. If you 250 has the wider kerf .325 safety chain and you 180 has a nk chain cutting speed could be close. Those nk chains make small saws cut fast, I have a 40cc Echo CS400 that cuts faster than my 53cc Rancher 55 and just about as fast as a Stihl 56cc 029 that I sold, a lot due to the nk chain. Steve

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I got a brand new 250 this summer, but didn't try to use it until Thanksgiving day. It was hard to start that day, but worked great once I got it going. I had trouble with the oil cap; filled the reservoir and thought the cap was secured, but it fell off and wasted a whole reservoir full of oil. Since then I always double check it and the gas cap to make sure they are securely engaged. If the oil reservoir is overfilled it is impossible to get the cap on.

My biggest gripe with the 250 is that the thing is ridiculously hard to start. Look at it the wrong way and the carburettor floods. The other day the only way I managed to get it to run was to take out the plug and dry it off with a hair dryer, and then blow some of the hot air into the engine before replacing the plug. Pull the starter cord more than a couple of times with the choke fully engaged in the cold start position and forget about ever getting it started without removing the plug and drying it off.

To-day, I ran out of gas, refilled it and the thing would never start no matter what I did, so I just gave up. Despite the fact that it cuts excellently when it runs I never would have bought that p.o.s. had I known starting it would be such an issue. I have viewed some other forums and this seems to be a common problem with this model.

The compression in the engine makes it almost impossible to pull the starter after the first couple of licks.

Monday I am going to take the thing back in where I bought it and see if they can find what's wrong with it or else give me my money back. If they won't give me a refund, the thing is going into the dumpster and I'll buy something that works and just chalk that one up as a learning experience.

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squirejohn zone4 VT

I replaced the oil filler cap on my 250 and it works okay now although I still prefer the screw caps. I've had no problem starting my 250 and it runs and cuts fine although I primarily use my 180. However most of the trees are quite small - in the 10 - 12" base diameter.


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txtom50(8a texas)

Does the MS250 have a decompression valve?

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squirejohn zone4 VT


The MS 250 does not. The MS 250 C-BE does.

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