need info on johndeere chainsaw model 30

joe_the_dutchman(ontario canada)February 4, 2010

this model is also an echo cs-302.i can buy it for 50 dollars.looks good but needs a tank to carb fuel that hard to replace on this model.any info on this saw greatly apreciated

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Welcome to the Forum Joe !
Can't give you any feed back on the Saw ! Numerous others here on the Forum with yrs of experience . The Gas line to Carb replacement should be rather straight forward . Fishing the internal line with the fuel filter from the Fuel tank is normally the tough part. I usually bend a hook into a small piece of wire to pull it out to check the filter . Be sure to clean out your High and Low Speed Jets. I usually carefully turn the jets in (clockwise) until they just seat. Don't overtighted (damage the seat) or tip of the needle . Be sure to remember the number of turns . Normally anywhere from 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 turns. Remove the jets and carefully spray in some carb cleaner . Replace Jets refuel the saw with properly mixed gas . Never hurts to invest in a new Plug either , always keep previous plug for a back up spare . Once you have the saw running let it warm up by reving it up a little for a few seconds then see how it idles , you may require some fine tuning for the high speed and low speed later on . I normally set the idle speed to where the chain just bearly rolls over .

P.S. I hope that perhaps Tom or CG can get back to you fellow Canuck on the Echo Series Saws , I have seen them advertized but have never ran one.. but for Good Luck Ty !

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