wooden dump cart parts

mike_c_1969February 24, 2010

I have a wooden garden cart with a swing out dump style front door. I've been searching for the parts (bolts & sleeves) that allow it to swing. The cart looks similar to the Garden Way carts (except for the swing door) and I assume that many companies make versions of this cart. The door has metal clips that snap over a bolt with a thin sleeve on it.

I've called many companies, wandered many hardware aisles, and googled away many hours but I still haven't found anything.

The cart is second hand so I don't know who made it.

Anyone have any ideas on where I can get parts for this cart?

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Which part are you missing? The round spacer or the clips that mount on the door?

Can you post a pic of it?

Sometimes those parts are custom made by welding and use a combination of very simple parts.

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Could you possibly fit some plain strap hinges to it, using bolts and nuts? You can find a good assortment at the local hardware store, or Home Despot, or others.
bolt one half to the door and the other half to the side, with the bolt heads inside. I'd use "carriage bolts". Seems like they might be much stronger, than those thin tin sleeves.

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