Older Trolbilt (gardenway) tiller

jbjoe30February 3, 2010


My father recently gave me an older troybilt, actually gardenway, tiller. On one of the sides, it is stamped with "GardenWay TH1019". The issue is that the starter is missing and I do not see any markings on the engine at all. When I go to partstree to locate the parts, I can't figure out which TroyBilt tiller I should select. Can anyone help me and/or direct me where to look? Where do I find the serial number? What other markings on the machine would help determine what exactly it is (i.e. 5,6,7hp) Thanks in advance.


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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Electric started in 11/91 you should have PTO model. to get engine number off the flywheel cover that were you get engine numbers. serial number tiller on transmission case to right top cover there flat place that have to clean off make out numbers. TH1019 is casting number you can forget that number. in 1991 and 1992 was beginning 7 horse and 8 horse with starter on horse models. Poney also had electric start you need serial number to determon what have some horses had B&S 8 horsepower with electric starter. number on engine only way to get a starter coming.

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I think you might be a little off in your dates. I bought my PTO in '83 and they offered electric start back then already, along with 7 and 8 HP models.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Sorry about that I think I added 10 years to date maybe it was 81 and 82 thanks baymee.

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Don't buy your parts from Partstree. I go to Petes Small Engine Parts. psep.biz. He has flat rate shipping and his parts are alot less expensive. Carb for the Gardenway is $174 on Partstree and $124 at Petes Small engine.

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I have just purchased a gardenway troy bill horse tiller with the bumper guard, scrape blade,and Hiller/furrow plow. It has an 8 HP kohler magnum m8t engine. Pull start.I found the serial number on the right side stamped into the casing right below where the handle bars connect to the machine. I called mtd and the guy was extremely helpful! I was able to find a downloadable owners manual and parts manual. The mtd guy said that it was a 89-91 because of the 0 at the start of the serial number. After some talking he said he thought it was a 91 model. A man had bought it brand new used it 2 years and passed on. The tiller has set untouched ever since. It looks almost brand new! Tines are wore out and pointy. I cleaned it up today. Oiled and greased it, took the carburator off and cleaned it as well as the gas tank and fuel lines. I had to pull quite a few times but it started and ran like a top. I'm thrilled to say the least!! My question is on the cap for the gas tank there is a hole with a mesh inside. Is there supposed to be a screw or something in it? I know some tanks do and some don't. I don't see any threads but I'm not quite sure. I can get the tines and most other parts from a old downtown hardware store. But is there a place that I can get the reverse gear rubber disc without having to have a pay pal account? Thank you for all your time and effort!!!

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I'm sure any small engine business can order the rubber disc from MTD or you can buy online with a credit card. If the tank doesn't leak gas from the cap, then you're looking at a vent hole. Don't put any screw into the hole.........on any machine.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

You need to join troybilttillerclub dot com Bill Rogers is owner he Old Tiller dealer his number is Email vppinc@cox.net or call toll free 1-800-609-5110. Bill Rodgers. Ask Bill about hole in gas cap I think just vent that needs to be open.

T That's nice find on tiller If tines worn out in 2 years Gardening it was very big Garden.

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Thanks for your quick responses! I was thinking it was just a vent as there are no threads where one would have been,but was told some had a screw so the gas wouldn't evaporate. I don't know everything by a long shot and it never hurts to ask and I ask a lot!! I wasn't sure the disc wasn't a rare item. Mine looks fine. I was just wondering. Thanks again!!
I'm definately going to join the club! I didn't know there was one. Glad to hear there is. There's a lot I don't know and I enjoy learning. I really like the ole tiller. Looks like a tank and unstoppable if taken good care of. That's was the story I got from the son that sold it to me. From what I've read so far if the tines are pointed like a knife blade their wore out. And these are. Thanks again!! I really appreciate it a great deal!!

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The tines will still till with pointed ends. I would try it before replacing them.

More importantly, check the oil levels. I replaced my reverse disc after about 28 years of use. If you plug up the hole in the cap, the gas tank won't feed fuel to the carb and it'll run for a few minutes and die.

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Thanks baymee!
I was going to try it out with the old tines first just to see how it worked. I have a rocky area where I have a flower bed and is in dire need of turning under. I don't want to mess up a new set on it. It's not as rocky as it is hard ground.

With yall's help I now know that the hole in the gas cap is just a vent and I won't be putting anything in it.

I checked all the fluids and all was full and dark with the exception of the gearbox of the tines. Of course I didn't know exactly how to set up the machine to check it until I downloaded the manual for it. It was low but I don't think I had the drag bar set right. I'm going to set it like it says in the manual and check it again. I oiled and greased all moving points on the machine and I'm going to run it for awhile then drain and change the oil in the engine. Then I should be good to go.
I also joined the club gator rider told me about. Haven't been approved by the moderator yet.

Thank you for all your help!! I'm sure as I use it I'm going to have more questions. Have a great day!!

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Yours is probably the same type as mine, which is '83 vintage with the PTO. Troy sent a manual and a separate sheet with corrections about how to check the oil levels. The manual was wrong; the correction sheet was the proper way. Let me get that sheet later today and get it to you. Not sure if the manual you downloaded has it correct.

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1983 models and similar, from serial number 673650 an up: Tiller attachment transmission: Whit the tiller on level ground, pull the depth regulator lever back and then push it all the way down until it engages the top notch. The tiller should be resting on the drag bar that is beneath the tines. Put a board 3 1/2" thick under the drag bar while in the position described in step one. Leave in this position for at least 2 minutes.

The best method for checking the engine oil is to find out how many ounces it holds and make a mark on the dipstick for whatever position you decide to use when checking the level. It is easy to burn the motors up by running them low on oil. Always check the engine oil.

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Good article from Backwoods Living on repowering an old tiller

Here is a link that might be useful: Rebuild a Tiller Engine

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