drilling under driveway

bill4020February 21, 2006

Has anyone ever used a "Borit" water pressure tool for drilling under a driveway/sidewalk? It so, what was your experience? I have to replace wiring that is broken under a driveway(not in conduit!!) so I need to place conduit and don't want to tear up driveway.


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dmullen(Southern CA)

I don't know what borit is but I have bored under sidewalks many times with a garden hose and one of those cheap plastic heads made for that and sold at Home Depot.

I have also mounted them on a long piece of PVC for longer distances. Made up a long one with segments of PVC that could be screwed together each time I needed a little more length.

That method of going under walks is really easy. A driveway might be more difficult because of the length and also you may encounter some base material such as gravel that might stop you.

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I jetted a 20 foot section of 1" schd 40 pvc under my two car concrete driveway ... went fast. Took two shoves, the first one bend downward or something - second one came out about a foot off dead straight.
Was for a front yard sprinkler zone. Just a hose end adapter and probably a reducer to make it fit. Tied a 14/2 g UF to it for a post light too.

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Thanks for your inputs, certainly worth a try!


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what department in home depot would you find the cheap plastic head made for that? I've been wanting to run a downspout under a concrete walkway but didn't know what the easiest way to do it myself would be.

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Go to the department that sells lawn sprinklers. It is a kit that is really self explanatory. You will also need PVC pipe long enough to span whatever you are going under.

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