Plant Golden Euonymus now or wait?

nigel1965November 22, 2008

I made a spur of the moment purchase of Golden Euonymus (Eumonymus japonicus "Aureo-Marginatus") due to them being 75% off. The plants all look in excellent condition to my untrained eye, all about 12-18 inches in height and are in 2.8QT (2.6L) pots

My question is should I plant them now (November 22) or wait until spring. The winter has set in and the temperature at night is heading down towards freezing but we are still getting plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the mid 60's F during the daytime, for now at least.

I'm in the fort worth area of TX USDA zone 7

Thank you in advance of any help



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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

was it outdoors at purchase... in other words.. is it acclimated to the weather.. vs greenhouse???

if acclimated...the odds of survival are much higher, in the ground.. where it belongs .. rather than torturing it in a pot all winter... presuming you are not expert in pot care ...

if otherwise zone appropriate ... it really doesnt care about a freeze ...

they live up here in z5 ... and we have been in the 20's for week ... one thing for sure.. it aint TX.. lol ..

just do it.. water well,,, insure drainage and good luck

ask if you need help planting ...


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They were in walmart's sort of outdoor garden center. I say sort of because it has a mesh shade roof and wind shielded sides. Certainly not heated in any way. They have knocked off the price on almost all their plants, apparently because of a few freezing nights.

I have no questions about how to plant, that's all on the tags, it just didn't have a season for planting time.

There are plenty of the things planted around here but being young shrubs I was concerned about planting them so late without giving them a chance to establish before the real cold hits.

I think I will plant them and perhaps make some mini polythene greenhouses to cover them overnight if it gets too cold for me to relax about them.

Thanks for the speedy reply



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bboy(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

There is no advantage to keeping them in the pots except that it makes them easy to move around. In your climate you could probably plant them all winter. Gotten into the ground soon they can enjoy the still-warm soil and cooling temperatures of fall. Fall is a much better time to plant hardy stock than spring.

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It's hardy to at least zone 6, possibly hardier. You can plant hardy woody plants and perennials as long as the ground is workable - not frozen or overly saturated. As long as they are planted correctly and watered in well, there is no need to provide any cold protection.

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I shall plant them in the morning.

I really appreciate the advice given. I've only been a member of this forum a short while but have been reading and learning along the way. Hopefully I will be able to help others some day as you good folks have helped me.



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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5


plant them ..

KEEP THEM PROPERLY WATERED ... for one year ... if you dont know ask ...

AND DO NOT BUILD A plastic greenhouse around them ... whenever you get the inkling to add plastic to the garden ... think about ma natures use of plastic ... she doe NOT use it ... its a recipe for disaster ...

once planted.. the ONLY important thing.. is proper water...


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We're a little south of you down in the Austin area, but we planted 5 of them last year in the dead of winter and they didn't seem to mind one bit. FWIW

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