Have you experienced Ring Ears (Tinnitus) related to Machinery no

loger_gwFebruary 14, 2013

Have you experienced Ring Ears (Tinnitus) related to Machinery noise? If so, what has helped your Ringing Ears? Three Docs have treated me for what they felt was fluid in my ears (causing the ringing) due to allergies. I have had a lifetime of allergies and no ringing ears, until I started using an electric log splitter occasionally (in 09 with a high pitch). I started using ear muffs over my plugs and no signs of relief yet. Some say the ringing comes with age. What is your opinion and relief?

A common reply is to ignore the ringing. How can you, when itâÂÂs quiet and you are trying to sleep, relax, etc.? I have heard soft music works to cancel the ringing. I feel any noise above the ringing create a dangerous atmosphere of me listening for danger from equipment and etc.

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Yeah, I know all about tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. It sounds like the noise is coming from your ears, but really, the sound is an image generated in the brain. What happens is, due to age, exposure to loud noise, or for some other reason, a person suffers hearing loss. The part of the brain that receives this signal is starving for stimulation, and somewhere in the brain, an alternate signal is generated, which is what we hear. So it is a phantom sound, made up by the brain. I think it is similar to the "phantom limb" sensation that people who have lost an arm or leg feel. One solution is wind noise, riding a bike, or in a car with the window down. The roar of wind stimulates the brain, and there is no need for a phantom replacement. To my knowledge it does not go away, and, as you know, it is a nuisance mainly when the room is quiet. Let me know if you find a cure.

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Thanks ericwi! Within my searches and etc, I heard it could go away if it was noise related. Jet Flight Line workers deny that as friends and myself that worked in industrial noise. My best relief for sleep is a hard days work that knocks me out and my body says NOOOO! The hearing Specialist said my hearing is normal for my age but there are options to the noise (that I have not investigate).

We have had bad allergy seasons in recent years in North Tx related to instant hot/cold days and droughts. I'll hope to find some relief before going broke or insane.

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I have had this for over 50 years and it does not go away. Mine is from gunfire and factory noises.

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Running any power tools especially chain saws and lawn mowers we need to were ear plugs. And yes any noise even radios, TV's, loud work enviorement, ball games, bars, and even alot of people talking in close area created noise polution. You need to have ear plugs handy. I have Tinnitus from brain tumor and I get migraine headaches if I don't were hear plugs. Even riding in the car at 50 or so without radio on makes my ear ring (in the ear I have no hearing or ear parts in) Loss of hearing will be bigger problem in the future due to all the kids and their loud stereos,,, Any gun other than maybe .22 in rifle you need ear plugs. Don't make it worse, you will suffer down the road.

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I suspect that tinnitus may be heridetary. My father in law and wife have had it from early ages. FIL was in WWII and I am not certain that he had it before the war, but I don't believe the wife has been around loud noise. I have used chain saws for many years and chippers for the last ten or more and I have never used any sound barriers and have never had any effects.

As an aside, the loudest or most painful sound I ever heard was at a rock concert. It was painful, and I took the future wife and I out of it for our safety.

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In response to Baymees post just below this-

I reminds me of the time I worked for a chicken hauling company.
We hauled 10 tons of chickens in a 5 ton truck, so I had to run back & forth inside the trailer, banging a chain against the sides to keep 1/2 of them flying-----

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It was around 1985 and I was using a steel pipe to bang the sides of a grain railcar to empty it and all of a sudden I had ringing in my ears. It has never gone away and it has never lessened. 99% of the time, I don't even notice it anymore.

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Most of my working years were spent in auto body work. That type of work requires lots of noisy machines, and hammering. That said---yes, i have ringing ears. Altho, they have quieted down since i retired. There is still some ringing, but i have learned to ignore it. At my age-89, i am not going to let the noise bother me. When i play my banjo-i can't hear the ringing sound. (and, no smart remarks from the grand-stands!) RJ

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My Experience Today! My ears told me it was time to get up about 6 AM as usual like a clock's alarm. They got louder or the noises of the day d/n override them as usual until much later. That started me to question my activity just before dark as my daily morning cup of coffee after my wife retired in 06.

I re-cut two wheel barrel loads of firewood (with the electric "aggressive 12" McCullough"). Re-cut is cutting approx 24" long + wood to 12" or less to save wood in the unattended fire. I used Muffs, Mask, Glasses and worked wind to my back due to the fine dust. I wondered if the dust got me or the 40 to 70 degree weather change or how much sound sleep rest is lost?

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I used to have this, but it has gone away in recent years as the nerve damage to my ears courtesy of VietNam has worsened. Thanks to the VA have programmable hearing aids that help a lot for regular hearing.

Anyway, back when I had your issue, I got a "sleep machine" where you could select wind, rain, waterfall, surf, etc. and that seemed to help when trying to sleep. Don't know if they're still around, wasn't too expensive as I recall.

Good luck,


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Thanks exmar! ItâÂÂs time for me to try for some relief due to feeling IâÂÂm not getting good sleep. The Hearing Specialist mentioned she had alternatives when I was ready. I feel her alternatives would be inserted in the ear as a hearing aid. I will opt to something out of the ear thinking I will still hear any signs of danger better.

I see plenty options online but I feel my option blocks away will be just as competitive. I am just getting over the 300.00 DrâÂÂs visit that I thought would be covered by my Ins Co Pay since the cost w/n sent until 3 mo later. I chewed them good since it was a few mo before I went into Medicare. A little relief was explained later that even with Ins and Medicare, it still w/h been a 150.00 visit.

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Yah, I have had it for about 15 yrs , ever since I started working in comm rooms where there are gazillion ton HVAC units to keep the muxes cool. My hearing is pretty much shot too. Hearing aids are ridiculous. I dont care about hiding them. Heck I want them to attract attention. Show people , Hey I can afford to spend money on hearing aids.

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I have 5 hearing aids that I have gotten over the years. The hearing aids are worse than the ringing, and the ear that does not work is the one that the ringing is worse in.

I think there must be different things that may cause it, some treatable, some not. It seems that whatever is taking my hearing is also taking my balance. That bothers my more than the ringing and hearing loss. I take meds to sleep.

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I am loaded with meds already. I sleep alone, and use a TV as white noise . Tinnitus seems to fade when I am concentrating on something. Mine seems to be sinus related. Right now it is loud. And I have had nights when it woke me.

Slowpoke, Do you get vertigo?

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At one time I though I had Tinnitus, It started about 12 years ago. At the time we were living in an older neighborhood about a mile form the freeway surrounded by major streets all about a mile from our house.

A lilttle over a year ago we move, and are now about 12 miles from a McDonald's let alone any major high way, buisiness or company..

Guess what the Tinnitus has disappeared. The only thing I could figure was what I thought was Tinnitus was actually the low hum of traffic and motors on all of the business. .

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I have Vertigo bad enough I felt I needed to retire to be safer (away from busy situations). Some of you are dealing with this as young men vs asthma and allergies all my life (with many more good days than bad days). I feel cutting firewood, woodworking, metalworking/welding cutting grass and etc is not good but I try to protect and keep moving and enjoying.

The worst part has been giving up the busy flea market visits. Walking 4 mi in the mall on bad days vs my 2 mi goal 5 days a week in our close park when the weather allows. Vertigo is a busy area thing with me vs being fine IMO in open areas.

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Andyma, Vertigo can really be the pitts, it seems to be made worse by allergys. I have taken and done many things that help a little, but nothing has helped a lot.

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