Echo Chain will not rev

skip.macFebruary 25, 2010

Have an Echo CS-440. Was running perfectly until I had to refill the gas tank. The gas was a few months old but looked clean and smelled OK but saw would not crank at all after filling the tank.

Drained the tank and refilled with new gas. Now the saw cranks and idles fine but will not rev up. If I give it about half choke it will rev for a couple of minutes and then bog down. Unchoke and it cranks right back up but still will not rev.

Any ideas?


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canguy(British Columbia)

Hi speed circuit in the carburetor is plugged. Give it a thorough cleaning, install a new kit and fuel filter.

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Every once in a while when I have something like this happen, I will lightly seat the L and H needles, counting turns as you do so, then back them back out to where they were to begin with.
If that doesn't help, I would follow canguy's suggestion.
How old is the unit ?

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If you just switched over to gas with ethonal you'll need to pull the limiter caps and adjust the carb a little richer, most new Echo saws need this done anyway. Steve

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