Who has personal experience on this Small Snapper Riding Mower?

loger_gwFebruary 7, 2014

Who has personal experience on this Small Snapper Riding Mower listed and attached?

1. A friend is ready to move it since he no longer cuts his yard.

2. He purchased it to fit his 36â gate approx 3 yrs ago (new or used per your info?).

3. What would be an estimated value of this mower and resale if too much work on this yard?

4. I presently cut my small yard with a 21â mower in 30 minutes (it might cut in 20 and the ride).

5. I tried to search the info links with the Mfg Date, Approx Retail cost, and Features. If you .know a link or have personal experience, Please Share.

6. The following is the data I was able to locate on the mower:

Model: 28B702

Type: 1154-E

Code: 990712ZD

28 Inch Patented HI-VAC


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According to the code -it is a 1999 build. I've serviced this model before. I'm not a Snapper fan , but they have a loyal following. The RER is nice in the respect that you can see what is in front of you and they handle well, though I couldn't speak to the turning radius. The deck itself will cut real well however you choose to operate it. Discharge, mulch or bag.

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tdscpa(z5 NWKS)

I bought one (new) about 5 years ago that looks much like that one, but it has a rear bag, and the engine looks different. Mine is 12hp.

I also bought mine in 28" size because of gates. I also have a 21" self propelled Snapper that I used to be able to mow my yard with in 90 minutes.

Thanks to a heart condition that developed in 1998, it would now take me a week to mow my lawn with the 21" mower, and I would only be able to do half of it, once.

I still use the 21" SP mower for the part of the lawn surrounded by fence, but about 30 minutes is my limit. Then I rest a while, then climb on the rider and finish.

Including rest time, and fueling, starting, warming up two mowers, it still takes me 90 minutes to mow my lawn, but I can do it.

Love the rider, glad I bought it. Cost me about $1,500. Don't know what they are today. No idea what used value would be, but then, I never in my life ever bought anything used at a bargain price. I have always been that sucker who got ripped off.

Turning radius is not great. (far from ZTR, 6' maybe)

That is part of why I still have to use my old mower for edges, and ends of fenced areas. If your yard does not have such restrictions, and you do not need or want a bagger, it could make you a good mower.

Will he let you test drive it if his yard or yours is not buried in snow? Try driving it near obstructions, turning corners, and making 180s. I can't give you any help in evaluating the condition of the mower.

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I had an 80+ year old customer who brought me this model every year for service. It is very well built and never needed any parts. I owned an Ariens of the same style for about 8 years to cut my acre property and never had a single bit of trouble with it.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

I haven't had one in many years the tires rot off twice and still cut grass. Deck wear hole in it you repair go again.

Here is a link that might be useful: parts

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Thanks for all the Good Info And Points. Even from the owner, a Lifetime Friend who had no idea I was interested. Most of my friends have Totally Retired and d/n do any Handyman or Maintenance themselves. I felt the mower was sitting as it is. He offered me to come and get it, use it and let him know if IâÂÂm interested since he had no idea what he would do with it. By this summer IâÂÂll hope to ride his yard to decide if I want it in my collection.

I did notice one oily looking mess (attached) that IâÂÂll ask for a closer pic of, explanation and his asking price. I feel he will reverse the asking price back to what will I give him since he feels I have the better experience. But I do not since I basically repair and donate small push mowers that need minor repairs.

What would be a Ball Park Offer? I know he would rather trade some work but I have too much of my own. BUT! If he wants to give it to me for some of the past work I donated to him. IâÂÂll consider that ONLY if the mower will work in my tight yard.

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tdscpa(z5 NWKS)

Oily mess: That could be caused by a sloppy oil change that he did not clean up well.

I spilled oil the first time I changed mine. I cleaned it up though. (From the mower and sidewalk)!

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Or a leaky O ring at the bottom of the tube. Probably never cleaned it. Not too concerning.

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Remember No Maintenance! I doubt he has ever changed oil vs adding (which appears a lot). It will be interesting to hear his reply (since I know his work habits). As mentioned, I feel the mower needed a backup on the small yard and it was above him to own two mowers or trim as needed.

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Well, I bought my Snapper rear engine rider way back in 1983, and i still use it every summer, for mowing and yard cart hauling, etc. It is great for leaf collecting, too. I did have to repower it once, and install several tires, a deck drive belt, and a power wheel that runs off the round aluminum drive plate! Guess i got my money's worth out of it! RJ

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Thanks for the continued sharing. Another associate has left a deposit and I wished him well (if he has a larger yard and need). My friend last used the mower in 2012 and it ran well then and now.

He mentioned the oil mess could be a gasket but really d/n know. The perspective buyer said he had a mechanic that should be able to take care of the problem. Someone mentioned it could be the oil dip stick tubeâÂÂs o-ring.

My question to those of you that own or have owned or have an engine diagram: Is an o-ring or gasket that close to the full level that the mess could be from one or the other. Plus I d/n know if he has an incline that I feel c/h contributed. It was not considered an issue, which means I hope they know crankcase pressure is not involved.

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Before the fill tubes, the oil would be filled to the top of the aluminum casting, on most mowers. So, yes, the o ring is at the fill line.

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Aaaaaaaaa the Forest Gump mower. If that's flat head engine probably would be good idea to do full system cleanup. power wash, Compression check, Clean the gas tank and carb., replace the fuel hose, flush the crank case, Decarbonize combustion chamber, and another compression check. Now it will probably run another 15 years.

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