Fuchsia boliviana - prune or not?

xanthoria(9)November 24, 2012

I have a Fuchsia boliviana "Alba" that I forgot to prune last year. You're supposed to prune when flowering is over but it never really stops here in CA, and in fact the plant appears to be growing well right now.

Should I prune it now? Wait til January/February? Just leave it and hope for the best?

It's kinda mashing an ornamental grass right in front of it, which I could move...

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Like most other fuchsia species, can be pruned at will. I'd pick the season when flowering is at its lowest ebb and right before major growth occurs....probably late winter/early spring in your zone. This would also accommodate any damage caused by an unsual cold snap in winter, which is always possible.

Even in late November I have two fuchsias still blooming their heads off.....and neither are considered to be particularly hardy. These are much tougher shrubs than most folks give credit for.

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Thanks! Do you think I should prune it though? Or move the grass away from it? Will it flower more if I prune it?

I forgot to prune last year and it looks pretty good IMO

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

You don't HAVE to prune anything. If it starts looking leggy then you could prune it. I'd prune it, if you want to, and also move the grass. The Fuchsia's going to grow back to the same size next year and the grass is going to get crowded again.

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