Building A Flouride free soil

mountaintown42February 3, 2014

I am hoping to create a soil without any soluble flourides to grow Carmellia Sinensis in. Any help on the subject would be appreciated Thanks

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Well, it's impossible to totally exclude it without growing it hydroponically or in a soiless medium in an enclosed greenhouse environment since it's in the air as F2 and part of many mineral soil parent materials (feldspar, mica, etc) contain F.

The soil F is mostly excluded in the roots of plants, though...not much makes it into the plant leaves/flowers/fruits. The exclusion of it in roots can effect the uptake of other nutrients via competition for uptake sites...especially Mg, Ca, Fe. In the air, F is highly soluble and it will also make it's way into the soil.

You can lessen additional inputs by selectively choosing source inputs for water and certain fertilizers. Areas with excessive F (quite rare outside of industry polluted areas) can be remediated by additional Ca in the soil to help bind it up as CaF2 which is mostly plant unavailable.

Long story can't do much aside from managing your water sources and nutrient additions while not growing in a soil that has high parent materials that contain natural F.

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This is new to me, I haven't heard of a plant that can't tolerate fluoride. This must be why I'm not a master gardener. :-D

What's your native soil like, i.e. what minerals/rocks is it derived from, and what are your background levels compared to what is needed to grow the plant?

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

mountaintown42 - I found this intriguing, so I did a quick Google. Admittedly I only spent a matter of minutes on it but are you sure you've got this right? From what I found Camelia sinensis is unusually tolerant of F.

Or is it that you want to produce low F tea? I assume you are going to grow this indoors as I'm sure you know it won't survive outside in Canada.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tea and F

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[Silly Mode on]

Perhaps some of that Bamboo Horticultural Vinegar would do it.

You guys know fluoride is a communist plot, right?

And drywall scrap is full of the stuff.

[Silly Mode off]

Sorry, couldn't help myself! :-p

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