liquid coffee and paper towels

rookie09February 17, 2012

I am going to have way more browns (paper towels) than I can match with greens. Is it possible to use leftover coffee as a green. I am already using the grounds (55 gallon/week). I would think that the coffee would work somewhat but don't want to go to the trouble if it isn't going to help.



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Is that a misprint, or are you really collecting 55 Gallons of coffee grounds?!? That should be enough for a few hundred pounds of paper towels. The left-over coffee will work as a nitrogen addition, but it would probably add too much liquid to your pile.

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No, not a misprint. It's a large plant and we like our coffee and that leads to the paper towel.
I've got a good mix of sawdust, leaves, filters and UCGs with plenty of sawdust waiting to add.
Now they want me to add 200 gallons of paper towel to the mix weekly.
I am just looking for an easy add and hadn't heard of anyone using the coffee full strength.

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Most everything I have seen about any nutrients in coffee tells me that they are very low, trace amounts of protein, fats, etc., so adding liquid coffee to your compost will do very little to help the bacteria digest anything. If too much liquid coffee is added to compost that could dispace the air the bacteria digesting the material need to work so they won't.

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I can't imagine it would hurt anything, so long as the pile didn't get too soggy. I rarely add any liquid (maybe a little urine) to my pile now that it's up and running.

I suspect those UCGs will have plenty of moisture still left in them to overcome the dry paper towels. If not, then using the coffee seems like a sensible thing to do.

You could always brew some compost tea or add a little to your watering can.

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ffee Chaff as compost

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Posted by jolj (My Page) on Fri, Dec 24, 10 at 3:30
That is steam, not dust, the waste coffee is in a heat & only a week or so old.

Here is a link that might be useful: Coffee waste

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