Which snowblower would you choose?

Pete49February 6, 2011

HI, all I never really asked one of these questions and I know its a repetitive one but this one is bugging me so here goes.

In comparison how does the Arien's Pro 28 inch or 30 inch compare to the JD snowblowers in the same size?I cannot find a comparison site that has all these models . Thank you, Peter

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We have an Ariens 624, 24 inch wide, with plug in electric start. It's 3 years old, and always starts on the first pull, so I have never set up the extension cord & used the electric start feature. The snow exhaust chute has pretty slick paint, and very rarely gets clogged. The chute control is manual, & I do stop quite often and make adjustments. We live in the city, so where the snow lands is usually an issue. We got the blower because the city plows often leave a thick, wide, and heavy deposit of compressed snow & ice at the foot of our driveway, and it can be really hard to remove with a shovel. The Ariens will chop up this material & throw it about 20 feet. The downside to snowblowers is the cost, and the need for a truck to transport them to and from the repair shop. So far, ours has not required any repairs, but I am careful how I use it. That worm & ring gear unit, that drives the augers, runs around 250 dollars to replace.

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Pete: Dollar for dollar you cannot beat a Ariens . Toro is close . If you want the Best Honda or Yamaha are still the Top but you pay a hefty price for that logo . Personally I would go with the Ariens , I have owned a JD back when a Deere was a Deere , however that is no longer true.

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Thank you all and Ewalk that is my concussion as well . Never knew about the Yamaha big track, wow ! Now a 28 or the 32 Hmm in Ariens ? Pete

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Another vote for the Ariens. I've had no problems in 9 seasons with my 824 classic deluxe. Well I replaced the spark plug once and a few shear pins. My blower is a little tank. I don't know much about the deere, but I think Honda equipment is overpriced for what you get. Other than a good engine the rest of honda equipment is average. I don't think its worth the premium price tag if you ask me. I have a Honda harmony II self propelled mower. Out of all the equipment I own, and I have a lot, its the most troublesome piece of equipment I own. The engine runs good, but it is a little hard to start in cooler weather though. The rest of the mower is another story. I've replaced the drive cable 3 times, two rear wheels, the little flap in the back of the mower that keeps grass from hitting you, the drive belt and my deck has a lot of rust. I bought it for the Honda name, but its not worth the 400 bucks I paid.

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fredbarber(z4 CO & z6 MA)

I have a Honda '828. The key features that make me like it, which may or may not be available in the machines you're considering are:

1. The obvious: two stage and appropriate size for your use.
2. Torquey engine
3. Hydrostatic transmission
4. All controls on panel and usable in motion (throttle, tranny, chute direction, throw height)

The main feature I wish it had is a limited slip differential -- it has a solid axle drive, which makes turning a pain. I don't know whether or not any blower has this feature.

Features I don't care about include anything electric (starter, chute control, hand warmers, etc.) except headlight.

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