purpose of drag stake?

waterbird(n.w.fla 8)February 13, 2006

well i finally got that free tiller running,thank's to copious amounts of seafoam v.s. tearing into carb,must have flushed the ol' girl out because I tilled my small garden for allmost an hour without even a sneeze...all I did was

remove diaphram cover,gasket,spring,and saturate everything

then let sit overnight..re-installed.....wala! run's/till's

like new...now my question..what is the purpose of the drag stake" is it some sort of depth gauge or what? even my mini

tiller has one,so what's it used for? thank's all..Don

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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

to set the depth. supposedly the tiller will only go down as far as the stake allows, but in real soft soil it can and will go deeper.

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waterbird(n.w.fla 8)

thank's,yea,i find if i run back over the same trough over
and over,i could bury the tiller..lol...so that's why i don't
see a reason?..but i'm sure it has a purpose.....

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canguy(British Columbia)

So yer tilling yer garden in February. THAT'S NOT FAIR.

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waterbird(n.w.fla 8)

no actually started mid january on a cloudless 68 deg. day!
till tiller bit the green weeny.....but today might only
get up to high 50's-low 60's...nothing like n.w. fla!!
(family's usually munchin' on homegrown mater's in mid-april)

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turnkey4099(SE WA)

The drag stake keeps the tiller from running away with you. Without it, you have some very effective drive wheels. The depth control is a secondary purpose.

Harry K

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waterbird(n.w.fla 8)

thank's for the info..I'll use it!!

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