Duranta Gold

Bougainvillea17November 11, 2013

My duranta gold shrub/hedge in front of the house appears to be dying. I have spray it with malathion and it keeps on dying. It is dropping all the leaves and it moves on to the next bush and does the same. Please I need someone to help me. I live in Olando, Florida. You see those plants everywhere and they look wonderful. How come mine are dying? I have another hedge going of Vibernum behind the duranta gold hedge and they are ok, they are beautiful. They are not dying. I have fertilized them and they get water once or twice a week. I have Bougainvilleas and many other plants like gardenias, crape myrtle, Camelias all around and they are ok. Why do they keep on dying? Has anybody experienced this problem. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

we need pix to help you ..

you give no other facts but the leaves fall off ..


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Stop spraying the shrub with that chemical.
Every shrub is different. That chemical isn't good for
some shrubs. It will kill them. I know I cant spray my pittosporums with it, they will die.
Check online to see if you killed them with it.
If not, leave them alone.
Those shrubs are hardy things.
They love water but if you get enough rain, you shouldnt have to water them all that often.
Look at the bright side, if they do die, you can go buy and plant something nicer in the spring, something without those awful long dagger thorns.

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