Montgomery Wards tiller info

lucasboyFebruary 24, 2008

I got this tiller for free. Could anyone give me some info about it? Also, where can I get a manual for it? One of the wheels & the belts shot. Where can I order these parts? The belt has #41350 on it.

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Oops!! I forgot the numbers.
Type- 0850-01
Model# 130202
code- 81091707

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The numbers you posted are typical Briggs #'s for a 5 HP horizontal shaft engine.
You can download an operator's and IPL manuals (for the engine) from the Briggs website.

Look for a # on the tiller itself. It may start with GIL or TMO for a couple possibilities.

IS this a dual belt model? My Gates catalog lists a Gates 6941 for a dual belt application.

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I found the #'s on the tiller.
Model# Gil 1589A
Serial# 17x44210

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GIL were made by Gilson, a now defunct manufacturer.

The engine code means it was built Sept. 17, 1981, so the tiller is probably a 1982 mode. That's assuming the engine is original.

My catalog lists these belt#'s. (Gates)
Forward- 6835
Reverse- 6737
IF the belts are still in one piece, I'd take them with you when buying new ones, to verify the correct length. (I don't fully trust my catalog)
Also note the routing of the belts before you take them off. I had (once upon a time a similar tiller and didn't pay attention to the reverse belt routing. Since It was my first tiller, and I didn't have another to compare to, I was scratching my head for longer than I want to admit.

For thew wheels? You got me there! Maybe some else can chime in?

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turnage(z7a TX)

For wheels, you may find what you need at Northern Tools website. They have 700 plus wheels listed.

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lucasboy, I remeber from earlier posts about M-W (Gilson) equipment that Gilson wound up in the hands of Lawn Boy, and that Lawn Boy service shops might well have parts catalogs.

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Thanks for everyones help. A local small engine shop has the belts. As for the wheel I found it's a worn bolt shaft & not the wheel, so that's fixed. The engine smokes & runs poorly so I got another engine from my Brother for it. Could someone give me some info on this motor?
Model # 130202
Type- 02
Code- 77111106

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The type# is 4 digits, not 2.
This engine was built 11-11-1977, so it's old!
A "typical" 5HP Briggs from that era.
You can download operator & parts manuals from the Briggs website.
As long as the shaft is the same length & diameter, it should be usable. Throttle linkage might have to be swapped???

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Thanks Bill. Everything seems the same other than I need to change the pulleys from one to the other because the belts won't line up with the the pulley on the new engine. I've tried everything to get them off the crankshafts ( heating, prying & a puller )with no luck. I've got the allen screws out. Is there something I'm missing or are they just rusted on from age?

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Age. Get some PB blaster. It's probably the best penetrating oil.

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Well, I got the pulley changed & the new belts. It took awhile but I finally figured out the forward belt goes on the rear pulley & that's working right. What I need is a diagram to figure out how to put that $&*^# reverse belt on to work right. No matter how I try the belt won't tighten up for the reverse to work.

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I think on some of those old ones, you actually put a 1/2 twist in the belt?????
IOW, instead of both pulleys rotating in the same direction, they rotate opposite???

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Bill, I'm not sure what you mean by a 1/2 twist in the belt.

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So the belt looks like a figure 8

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I tried the figure 8 & still no luck. Your right about this being a real head scratcher. I'm sure it's simple once it's figured out, it's just getting there that seems impossible.

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I have a manual and parts book for a Wards power kraft tiller that shows the proper belt routeing.I could send tou copy.

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I also looking for a belt diagram for my tiller
GIL 1585C Serial 47X83729 ~Thanks A lot Dan in CT

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Hello to all of you. I used to work for Wards in Alaska. Just a little info for you that need to know on the serial numbers. If you reverse the first two that gives you the year. Wheelhorse yours is 1974 and just thought I throw my two cents in for just info.

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I have an tiller. I can find no markings at all on the frame or model number. Here's what I do know. It is sublime green in color. It has a Briggs & Stratton 3.5hp cream color motor with the following numbers:

92902 1291-01 75090505. I believe this means the motor 1975? Still, it bothers me that I can't find any identifiers about the frame. It has a pull to start throttle cable and you just push it in to stop the tiller. It appears to only have nuetral and forward. I appreciate anyones help.

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Since I have and use both these tillers, I thought I�d add my 2 cents just for the record, even tho the above posts are old and I hope have been resolved by this time.

On the Montgomery Ward front tine tiller (GIL-1589A), the forward belt goes on the forward pulley slots (toward the front of the tiller), and the skinny reverse belt goes on the rear pulley slots, over the engine pulley, then twisted to cross like an 8, then on the large bottom pulley.

On the MW rear tine tiller (GIL-39032E), the "forward" belt goes on the pulley grooves toward the right side of the tiller, and the skinny "reverse" belt goes on the left grooves, and is twisted to cross like an 8.

In both cases, the idler pulleys must be removed to get the reverse belts on, which is the difficult part. But once on, they work great.

I use these tillers, but the front tine one has an issue I�d like to fix. Even though it runs strong in forward, the reverse belt jumps off in reverse, because the drive shaft slips back about an inch when reversed, just enough to mis-align the pulleys. I can till with it with the reverse belt removed, so no big deal, but it would be nice to be able to reverse the tines to clear while working. I could use a parts diagram to show what holds the shaft into the gearbox. Is it an internal part in the gearbox, or an external keeper of some sort? Maybe it had been installed wrong. I�d like to see the assembly sequence and get the part numbers, and hope I don�t need a whole expensive assembly.

Anyway, if you want any pulley diagrams, belt numbers or more info let me know. And, if you can help me fix that drive shaft, I�d appreciate it.

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I have to correct my last posting (above) that the rear-tine tiller's belts are "forward" and "reverse". They are actually the wheels drive and the tines drive belts, the inner one being the wheel drive and the outer one for the tines. Also, the outer belt is not crossed in an 8 as I said, but it is inside out, as the flat side of the belt contacts the idlers and large pulley. The engine pulley engages the v side of the belt to drive it. Sorry about that, its been a while since I looked under the cover, and my memory faded a bit on that one. I'll gladly clarify further if needed.

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outintheshed, i believe the reason that the shaft is slipping back on your 1589a tiller is because the snap ring has popped off or is missing. if you unscrew the front castle nut housing you will see the front shaft bearing and race, behind that bearing is your upper worm gear. when you remove the bearing, you will see a snap ring,in front of a thin washer and a oiling washer. if it is missing, that is your problem. snap ring should be directly behind bearing and race. hope this helps.

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Mustang, your directions are right, thanks for your help. I found the input shaft had been installed backwards and the clip was not there. I reversed it and installed a snap ring, it now is secured in place and does not slip back. I am missing the 2 washers that should be behind the snap ring, and without a parts list have no part numbers to look for. Also missing the rear bushing and seal, as they were replaced with an incorrect washer. I'm still looking. If no luck I'll substitute parts temporarily. Thanks again.

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I also have an old MW power kraft tiller, the modle number is: GIL 1580 J and the Serial Number is: 2347B2 169 .... it runs great however missing the reverser belt. I suspect that this is a 5 hp Briggs engine. Any information on this tiller would be greatly appreaciated...

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mm123 Not sure if you are still there, but if still interested i believe i have the manual you are looking for. email me if interested. See member page.

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nbock01 I have a gil 1580 j and I would be most appreciative if you could send a copy of the manual to me as you were kind enough to offer mm123. My email is
Thank you!

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I see that most of these posts were from a few years ago, but hopefully someone can help me with my Montgomery Ward rear tine tiller question.
My tiller has 2 belts, the inner one drives the wheels and the outer one drives the tines. Because I don't have a manual, I am guessing at the correct size for the belts. The tine belt keeps giving me a real problem. I bought a 1/2" x 46" belt and it was tight enough that I had to pry it on the rear pulley. Even though it was that tight, the belt began slipping almost from the beginning. Does anyone know if this belt is the correct belt size and something else is going on or if I have the wrong belt. (I can't imagine getting a smaller belt to fit on the pulleys, but I' open to suggestions)

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Your machine appears to be a Gilson GIL39012B. Gilson private labelled a number of tillers for Monkey Ward from the 1950's to the 1980's.

If you post the M-W model number, I may have the manual on PDF. You can then send me an email thru Garden Web, and I can respond with the PDF file.

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