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meesha000April 7, 2014


Newbie here. I have an area that needs to be planted. It is about 4' x 12' in full sun. It is adjacent to our patio so I need it to stay relatively low... I need to see over it if sitting in a chair. I would prefer perennials and low-maintenace, nothing that's going to spread like wildfire. I like the cottage type garden, relaxed not formal. Soil tends toward clay past about 8" depth but top layer has been amended in years past and should be in decent shape. I know that's a tall order.

Here's the main problem... There may or may not be a move in our future this year. I need aesthetically appealing just in case, but on a tight budget. In the event of having our house on the market, I need at least something flowering this year. However, in the event that we don't move, I don't mind waiting for the perennials.

My impulse was to go load up on seeds and just take my chances, but it is becoming clear to me that perennial gardens are much more carefully planned that this... lol.

So the question is: What plants would you suggest first of all? Which ones are better purchased as mature plants? Which ones can i fill in with seeds? And where do you suggest purchasing? (Reputable online retailers or local suggestions for anyone that may be in my area) Budget is less than $100 but i like $50 better if possible.

Obviously, I should have started earlier but didn't realize the need. We had a late spring so things are just beginning to sprout and the temps are staying above freezing.

THANKS in advance!!!

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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

Hi ! I'm in nashville too !! With your budget , I'd stay local and hit up the box stores ( lowes or hd). Esp this week, they are having " Black Friday " sales on landscape stuff. If you just want to try to do a temporary fix until you know if you are moving , I'd suggest some zinnias seeds.They grow nice and will fill up a good space , stay about 2-3 ft tall ( read the packets to make sure it's what height u prefer) and bloom their heads off. And if u are still in the same house next year you can start fresh and plan more.
Some perennials I love for sun that are low maintenance and I've seen already in stores - walkers low catmint , salvias , lavenders , echinaceas . Don't forget to get some mulch ! It'll finish the look and help keep weeds down and water from evaporating . Good luck !

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I am moving to TN if and when we ever sell our property here in NW IL. Did you know there is a Tennessee gardening forum here?

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