What is the best electric pressure washer for under $200

metal(6)February 10, 2009

I am looking for a good pressure washer for under $200. The one currently at the top of my list is the Husky 2000psi unit at Home Depot. Does anyone own this pressure washer, what are your thoughts on it? Are there other units around the same price I should be looking at?

I need it to strip my deck (10' x 20' cedar deck) for refinishing. I might also use it to clean the driveway, siding on the house, etc. Nothing big, but I would like something that would last a while (at least 3-5 years).

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canguy(British Columbia)

You are not going to find a top end unit in that price range. Most of the small electric drives, Husky included (no it is NOT the same as Husqvarna),are made offshore, little or no service is available. If it craps out within the warranty period, it should be replaced. Afterwards, throw it out.

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If you are planning to remove concrete stains, e.g., rust, from lawn sprinklers, you may need more than a 2,000 psi pressure washer. Stripping a deck should be done with a lower pressure and cleaning siding can be done okay with soap type chemicals and a lower pressure water spray. You may be able to find a used higher pressure washer in your community and have it both ways.

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Budget is what budget is, but for doing large areas it will seem to take forever. I have a little 2000 PSI Generac that was gotten cheap years ago. It's washed a lot of house, driveway and fence. I didn't buy it for that purpose, but now that it is used in that way, I wish I would have gotten larger. Even my neighbors 3500 psi is a nice improvement. He has a surface attachment that it runs for cleaning that has some merit.

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Why would you want elect. when a gas driven one can be had for alittle more. Plus you don't have the stigma of cord, electric, and water. Cheap can work you just have to make sure you got all the air out of the hose before you fire it up and water going to the pump at all times.

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I have both an electric 1750 husky and a Ridgid 3000psi gas pw. I won the husky in a raffle. It works good for what it is and will clean items that don't need alot of pressure because 1750 is not a lot of pressure. It will clean a deck and has enough psi to damage the decking if your not careful. Its psi is perfect for cleaning your car as well. The power cord can make moving the pw a pain especially with the hose attached, the pw hose, and the power cord.

The reason I bought the ridgid was to clean the siding on my house. The husky just doesn't have enough gpm or pressure to effectively clean siding. I used vinyl siding wash and I had to get within about inches of the siding to clean it off. Honestly for the time I spent just cleaning one garage door, I would have spent a lot less time with a regular hose and a scrub brush. I think more of the water ended up on me. The ridgid has enough power to clean the house and I don't need to get anywhere near as close. If you have small cleaning jobs, the 2000psi will be fine, but driveways, siding etc your going to want something with much more gpm and more psi which means more than $200

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Since it sounds like there really isn't a "better" choice I bought the Husky last night. I don't want to have another gas engine around to take care of and my main purpose for this unit is to refinish my deck, which it sounds like it will do (slowly albeit). I will post to let you all know how it works once it thaws enough to work on the deck (probably March). I do like the fact that it has two soap tanks so I can have car wash in one, degreaser in the other.

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Hands down the best electric pressure washer is AR North America AR383 with 1,900 PSI. This should cover most, if not all of your needs.

Here is a link that might be useful: electric pressure washers for sale

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Not enough choice if looking only at the home depot, Amazon also is one of the best places when you want to get a 2000 PSI pressure washer cheap quality. Based on my review there are some 2000 PSI electric pressure washer under $ 200 that meet the criteria you need, quality and maximum performance to eliminate all the dirt on decks, driveway, even siding.

Here's a product that you can make a choice:

SanJoe SPX3000 : Highest Rated 2000 PSI Pressure Washer
ALLPOWER : Stainless steel 2000 PSI Pressure Washer
Powerplay PJR2000 : integrated with turbo nozzle

I've made an exclusive review of all these products, you may be able to read it first as a guide to get the best one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Best Electric Pressure Washer

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