I couldn't understand why suddenly my engine was blowing oil

baymee(LehighValleyPA)February 25, 2014

My snowblower never used oil, but suddenly it was leaking out of the governor rod, 1/2 quart for each tank of gas, all Winter. I was ready to check the breather because I noticed the oil didn't go down the fill tube well and then I saw this. Follow the screwdriver to above the fuel bowl. A mud wasp nest inside the breather hose. First one for me. Much easier to clean than removing the breather cover.

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I went thru that w/ leafcutter bees in the pee hole on my 90HP outboard. Cleaned it twice and finally made a tapered dowel rod plug to insert when not in use.

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Thanks for the posting. We have mud daubers building nests on the garage rafters every fall. So far, they have not moved into the snowblower or the lawnmower, but I pay more attention in the future.

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