Toro Snowthrower 624 Starter

zootjs(zone 5 MA)February 1, 2011


There sure are a lot of snowblower questions todayâ¦.

Here in central Massachusetts, weâÂÂve got three feet of snow on the ground, and itâÂÂs snowing like crazy now; weâÂÂre expecting another two feet by the end of tomorrow.

And of course, the snowblowerâÂÂs acting up. ItâÂÂs a Toro 624, c. 1990. You can look at the manual here, if you like: (Model 38065, serial number 0000524, Tecumseh engine Model No. H60-75503x).

There are two issues, which I believe are not related.

1. ItâÂÂs been clogging with snow a lot more than usual, which I suspect has to do with advanced age and rust. I decided to take it into my basement, to let all the ice melt off of it, which is what itâÂÂs doing now. I rubbed some wax on the rusty inside of the chute. IâÂÂm half-heartedly hoping that this will improve things. But I noticed a weird thing, while itâÂÂs been sitting here. I can manually turn the impeller but not the auger. Does anyone know if this is normal? I thought I read somewhere that I should be able to turn the auger. Note that I took a look at the belts, and while they are definitely not new, they donâÂÂt seem to be slipping and donâÂÂt seem obviously frayed, etc. I can turn the belts and turn the auger and impeller; I just canâÂÂt move the auger manually. Here are the belts.

2. More alarmingly, suddenly when I pull the starter cord, it seems to be not connecting with the flywheel. The cord springs back, but itâÂÂs not connecting to the engine. A mounting screw has gone missing on the starter, and another was loose, but comparing the innards to the parts diagrams (also at the above link), I donâÂÂt notice anything obviously missing inside. That said, IâÂÂm not great at reading parts diagrams. IâÂÂve linked to two photos. Does anyone notice anything amiss, or have other ideas?

Hopefully, the auger thing is nothing and the electric starter will get me through tomorrow. While weâÂÂre this snowed in, thereâÂÂs no way to get the machine to the repair shop.... Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


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zootjs(zone 5 MA)

Thanks Mike, that's good news.

And sorry all for the weird extra characters in my post. Not sure why that happened.


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The 'dogs' on the pull start assy, are not coming out
to engage the crank cup. Usually they just need some
lubrication, but may be rusted badly. Try the WD-40,
or something similar. If that frees them up, add some
substantial lubrication.

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Zoots: Pick up two new belts from your dealer . The removal is just requiring you to relax (loosen) the roller belt tension-er . Then remove the belts . Index where the current tension-er bolt is , just for reference. You will replace and clean the friction disc and lube or grease any obvious nipples or bearing areas. The recoil as Ipod said probably just needs the dogs or finger pivot points lubed with penetrating oil to free them up then put on a little oil . As for the elect start ensure to replace the missing bolts asap . Otherwise the starter will begin to move and crack the mounting taps or ears . Once you get it running ensure to wire brush off the surface rust and apply some paint for temporary repair until next spring . Also ensure fresh fuel and spark plug . I would also spend a free dollars and add some fuel conditioner too . Next yr be proactive and drain and refill oil . Hope all goes well with you extreme snow removal , preventative maintenance is paramount with these overworked small engines Dude !

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zootjs(zone 5 MA)

Thanks Ewalk. Is what you're suggesting to address the auger not moving? Because there is more going on, now.

The electric starter worked, but there's a new twist: when I put it in gear or try to engage the auger, it stalls. Do you think the friction disc, etc., could cause this?


I looked at the parts diagram and at the starter, trying to find dogs, and I'm wondering if part of it broke off and the dogs ran away. It's either that or the parts diagram is of a different starter than what I've got on there. Can you tell, looking at the photo, if something is missing?

With the recent development with it stalling, I'm feeling in over my head now, regarding getting the thing to work, unless anyone wants to try giving me pep talk about it not being so hard.

The trick is, there's about 100 yards of snow, four feet high, between the machine and the road, where a vehicle could access it.

I've spent about five hours with my shovel, since yesterday, thinking relatively unkind thoughts about this machine, which I liked pretty well until this year. (And I did replace the oil this past summer, and I think the spark plug last year.) Is this just normal periodic maintenance, or is it reaching the end of its useful life?


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zootjs(zone 5 MA)

New information!

I just spoke to my local Toro repair technician, who is booked solid for the next two weeks, and more snow is expected Saturday.

He said it sounded like there was something up with the safety switch. On this model, Toro 624, you have to squeeze a handle in order for the auger to move and for it to go in gear. It's always behaving as though the switch is not engaged.

He said, cryptically, that there is a way to bypass the safety switch, but that he couldn't legally tell me how to do it. But "maybe it involves disconnecting something."

Does anyone know how to disengage this?

That would make a big improvement in my life....


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Jonathan: The tech is most likely correct . To bypass mean to actually hard-wire the switch wires . If you think about a light switch same scenario. Try this for testing purposes , but be-sure to have your dog or cat or children and any body parts way from the auger of impeller lol . Once you verify this , then you could order a new switch or replace with a toggle switch of you choosing if required . The friction disc controls the drive of the wheels not the auger . As for the recoil dogs , they could be hardened plastic or white metal or carbon steel , can't remember did you use the recoil from scratch or only the electric start. If the dogs which are more like fingers which function via centrifugal force to engage the flywheel recoil cup are missing or broken then you shall have to order same . Anyhow I can sympathize with your snow dilemma , my Sister located in Southern Ontario just received 3 ft of snow last night . All the best and sounds like you have done a reasonable job with the preventative routine maintenance of annual oil change and biannual spark plug change out . Don't forget the gas treatment on start up seasonally usually .

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If the interlock circuit is grounding the ignition, it is normally the module- 1" cylindrical part typically near the area the throttle cable hits the engine. Sometimes the lever switch fails tho. To test the whole circuit, disconnect the module where it goes to ground the engine. If Ok, then you can test the handle switch w/ an ohmmeter.

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