Latest Ariens seizes up.

andyma_gwFebruary 19, 2013

Tecumseh 7 hoss flat head . It has points, so best guess is that its a 70s era Snow thrower. I finally got the carb set right . It stalled,so I tried to re-start . I pulled it over a couple of times, then the rope broke. I put on another starter. The engine is locked up. I have the head off. the flywheel off. It turns backward just fine, and the piston is definitely still connected to the crank. What the heck? At this point I robbed the carb and got an identical Ariens going. I am seriously considering a new engine and junking the Tecumsehs as they need constant tinkering to keep going. Opinions are welcome

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Loose rod? Never thought that you would give up on tecumsehs!

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You are working with equipment that is 40 years old. I think you should just hang in there until you figure out the problem, and get it solved, somehow. We have an Ariens snowblower, model 624, with a Tecumseh engine. I think it was purchased in 2006, new. It was one of the last Ariens sold with a Tecumseh engine, they stopped engine manufacturing around that time. Our snowblower has a "plug in" electric start feature, but it also has a pull cord, and it always starts on the first pull, so I have never bothered to get out the extension cord and try the electric start. I have changed the oil, lubed the rotor blade bearings, and I always use the fuel valve to run the carb dry. That's it for maintenance. I know it won't last forever, but so far, I have nothing to complain about.

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70s Tecumsehs were among the best I worked and most challenge to tune compared to a B&S. Kicking backward and breaking ropes was due to the critical timing IMO. Engine will turn backward is a first for me. I feel with closer inspections or more disassembly, youâÂÂll see why.

1. IâÂÂm not remembering the valves and cam relations but have you checked that sys?

  1. Could a gear etc have restricting debris that is locking solid in forward vs reverse rotating?
  2. Is it a soft lock as compression that you can work past or a hard lock as a thrown rod?
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If he has the head off I doubt it's a compression problem.

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I have the head and flywheel off. I think that what ever broke, let go as I was pulling it to start. Oh well, It was a freebie and I think I got a decent carb out of the deal. I'm gonna put the heater box on. the 40 $ one I bought last yr. And pray it holds up. This is as far as I generally go with a small engine. I have 4 of the same model Ariens in various stages of decrepitude. The bore looked really good with visible cross hatching. Maybe I will investigate further.

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I thought you might have a collection going. Maybe when the weather warms up you can cobble a 2nd operating snowblower from the machines that aren't working, and sell it. It's been a good winter for heavy snow, so there should be some motivated buyers out there.

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My ref to a compression feel lock/resistance was looking for starting mechanical issues vs compression. Back to more inspections, disassembly inspection when you have time (the problem will show).

The other side is some problems are not worth the time on surplus Old Stock (with good signs of mechanical issues). I have limited space, time and patience, but enjoy experimenting/troubleshooting challenges vs a charge. The scrap metal and more patience techs enjoy my donations. Since the 70s I doubt I have passed 10 donors knowing most have life left, parts and metal.

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Well, I have the 40$ Ariens working OK. I spent an hour putting the hand choke and the heater box on. A good deal of time was spent getting the throttle cable working smoothly . I tested it on the remains of a snow drift, Goes well. Hopefully, all this effort will turn the rain / snow line to my favor.

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I hear there's another storm brewing, so you might get a chance to test it out!

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These storms have me inventorying, restocking and burning older wood (in North Tx) by dated lots (1/3 - 1/2 âÂÂCity Cordâ truck loads). The dated pictures of my green loads are ideal for tracking. ItâÂÂs hard to believe Red Oak is best used after a year or the best value is lost. Pecan and Live Oak is holding better uncovered in TX, heat and rain, IMO. When you have limited space, two rows backed to a fence, the rotation is not fun at timed. The back raw has to be thrown out to add new green wood on the bottom. IâÂÂll live due to the good exercise!!

The good news is a healthier (older, almost lifetime friend) has taken some excess wood found to his place to store as mine. The trade off is that I share my log splitter with him on what ever wood we find.

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Hickory is said to be the best firewood to burn. Isnt Pecan a type of hickory?

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The 40$ Ariens started right up. I ran it 10 feet and the gear box for the augur stripped. I have 2 or 3 more augur boxes, so back to swapping parts

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