keep your chain saw running

rbiggFebruary 18, 2012

I'm hoping to have to cut a lot of firewood. One thing is I'll have to take a chain saw with me.

How do you keep a chain saw running?

I know starting 'em can be done with mfrs instruction.

Question is: what do you do to keep 'em running?

Add something to the fuel?

Do you want to leave your tank empty when you stop it for some time?

I'd like to stay away from shooting them with starter fluid. I don't like to do that. Sometimes, you have to, but I'd rather not.

Sure would appreciate any thoughts on what you do with your chain saw to keep it running.

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1. Perform manufacturer's recommended upkeep/maintenance.
2. Run it out of gas each time you're through with it; if quite a bit of fuel in tank, turn it upside down over a funnel in gas can to get excess fuel out, then re-start it and let it run until it dies.
3. Use good quality oil, mixed at the specified ratio.
4. Keep exterior clean; I find that a few good shots of compressed air takes care of most dirt.
5. Don't let engine idle for extended periods; this can lead to build-up around the muffler.
6. Use fuel stabilizer every time; I use the marine grade.
7. Note that some 2-cycle engines call for higher octane than "regular" gasoline.
This works pretty well for me, but I admit that I'm not an expert; been running the same Husqvarna saw for 5 - 6 years with only normal maintenance and the steps listed above.

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Good points offered by TG . Just a few additinal comments if I may . Item #6 . I would recommend Star*tron Product available via Walmart , or any Napa Dealer within Continental US. This product is even better than previous products that I have used including Stabil and Lucas Top End etc. Also ensure to check all fuel line connections for condition and leakage along with your Fuel filter and Air filter evry 3rd to 4th usage . Normally Regular 89 octane is sufficient within saw usage but if warranted 93 can be used . Don' use premium it can damage some saws. Also unless your in inrence heat areas such as Texas use a winter grade bar oil which prevents premature plugging of the bar oil circuits. Also ensure to keep your chain properly adjusted and sharpened . Misadjusted over tight or loose and improperly shapened can damage a chain or bar very quickly .

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All excellent points! Follow those and if you have a reasonable saw you and it will be happy.

Something I read on another forum had to do with the gas we are now forced to buy. Assuming you're going to be doing your lawn and garden work (small engine) over a weekend, buy gas friday night on the way home. Add a good treatment for gasahol fuels. Come sunday night, run everything dry, do not save fuel, put it in vehicle (even two cycle mix). If circumstances preclude doing this put fuel stabilizer in can, then add fuel.

I've started doing this and it makes a big difference.


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