LEHR eco-trimmer - Propane tools?

mrhawkins1217February 18, 2009

Hey all - Just came across this product at my local ACE hardware called the LEHR eco-trimmer. It is a weed whacker that runs on those little green propane tanks. Seems pretty cool and was just posting to let others know it is a great alternative to gas powered lawn tools. www.golehr.com is there site, and I am pretty sure amazon and other online retailers recently started selling them.

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Have you priced those little green propane tanks lately? HMMM??
Unless you have some way to refill them, i'd think the cost of operation would far exceed the cost of gasoline.

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Yeah, Rusty, I think I'll stick with my gas trimmer, also. Those tanks are expensive, and I bet that would be a heavy trimmer, carrying around that steel tank with propane.

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Is it a honda engine conversion?

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A potential propane leak within a couple of inches of by hands and body ...................

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Hey - Thought I would chime in and let you know that I actually did consider the cost of those little tanks. And you know what? They actually ARE refillable. People all over the country refilling their own small cylinders from bar b que tanks (adapters available at Ace Hardware and others) the cylinders themselves are also made of steel and they are recyclable. And to those worried about propane leaks... perhaps it is just me, but I would much rather be working with propane than gas and oil... did we forget that gas and the vapors it causes is highly dangerous? Where as propane is cleaner, more efficient, creates less maintenance for the keep of the engine and is a "greener" gas.

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And going to the gas station, filling those cans, bringing them home in the car wrapped in an old comforter...I don't know anyone that really wants to do that. Plus, the EPA has some pretty scary statistics on spilling gas while filling lawn and garden tools. Go to the LEHR website and they make a pretty good case for what they are doing. www.goLEHR.com

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My my mrhawkins - free advertising huh?

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Free advertising? Maybe - although I like to consider it more along the lines of me caring for the environment and doing small things to help. I think the lehr eco trimmer is great, and I'll tell that to anyone. I also think energy saving light bulbs are a really great idea. I would suggest you all go replace your light bulbs with those. GE can thank me for the free advertising later.

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blueseatx(z7 TX)

Here is a link for a propane bottle refill adapter. Cost is $16.99 at Harbor Freight.


I own one of these refill adapters, and I have refilled each of my little green propane bottles at least 10 times. It works great!

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blueseatx(z7 TX)

By the way, the adapter I just mentioned allows you to refill the small green propane cans using your gass grill propane tank.

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I own one and there are 4 very important pieces of information you need to know.

1)When initially starting your trimmer is is very important to press the bleeder valve for a bit to prime the engine. It will sometimes not start when new or changing the tank unless you do this.

2) The red acccelerater is a bit flimsey and can be broken if not careful. There is a red release button on the top of the trimmer that you push down before engaging the accelerater lever. It is very easy in the heat of the moment to pull the 2 at the same time. This can break the main accelorator and since I made that mistsake I had to replace the trigger on the first day. NOT FUN! The red lever on the top will cause you no headaches if you tape it with duct tape and forget it. The trimmer will not turn until you hit the gas. I have checked every possible problem with disarming that lever and there are none.

3) When storing your weed whacker remove the tank. This will greatly improve the seal life and save on lost gas. A good guideline is 1 week not in use remove the tank.

4) I am certified in propane uses and I am hear to tell you it is safer than any method (including electric) for fuel. You can't blow it up and unless in an exremely closed area there is no fire hazzard.

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You can buy the adapter to refill those little tanks at tractor supply you attach little tank to your gas grill tank to refill them

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