Is splitting a half cord of Pecan firewood in approx 1 hr a moder

loger_gwFebruary 4, 2013

Is splitting a half cord of Pecan firewood in approx 1 hr a moderate rate on a small hydraulic splitter? I had 8-12" dia "Grade A Select" 14 -16" long logs with no bogging/stalling/pressure relief due to knots etc.. Most were just split in half for seasoning/handling Bang-Bang--Bang---!

A friend mentioned the DR Power "Rapid Fire" and I watched the video below. IMO I would rather be slow and safer than the no return Flywheel geared type force. What happens if it can not split the "#1 Grade A Select Logs"? I would like to hear the opinions of actual/owners/users.

Compared to my past Wedge/Sledge/Splitting Maul (that my body will no longer allow) I Thought I Was Up To Speed! The real relief was knowing my 3 cord capacity is Over Capacity Before The Heat is back (with the green wood on the bottom).

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How are long url or http addresses as below converted to short addresses or titles (as I have seen)? In some cases I have seen the addresses changed without my knowing or effort. Thanks!

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I can not complain about splitting a half cord of grade âÂÂAâ choice pecan in an hour. Due to yesterdayâÂÂs whipping by the 7-8 matted Pecan Trunk Blocks. We ended up with way more wood to split due to having to cut the blocks into quarters vs wasting more time trying to split large blocks. After 2 hrs we were out of time we had allowed and IâÂÂll have work to finish after a break.

I still would like to know what the DR Power âÂÂRapid Fireâ Splitter (at link below) would do when it can not split a log at the speed it travels. Plus, I know this section of the wood would take too much time where time is money and w/o a Heavy Duty Ver Splitter . The electric chainsaw played its part cutting through the matted wood once the splitter opened it. The gas saw did the major cutting.

I know these will be âÂÂGood All Nighters Next SeasonâÂÂ!

Here is a link that might be useful: DR Power âRapid Fireâ

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Loger, take a look at some of the old stuff on the net, some have a flywheel about 6 or 8 feet tall with a wedge attached. some of those rigs look like widow makers. I think they were designed for people with too many arms.

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Thanks slowpoke_gardener! I saw some at the link below related to your info. I would hate to be in the area when a fast moving splitter is rejected vs releasing the pressure. I feel the key is quality grain, seasoned, select dia wood (which I see in most videos).

I had promised my body I would start living that way. Without close personal owned wood, I have worked basically what others had taken down for safety or I agreed to take down for safety. The bulks were little to almost no liabilities as on two horse ranches (dead trees). The big liability was starting in the mid 70s with no experiences and working alone.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flywheel Splitters

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I remembered and Cheated Splitting Matted Pecan Trunk Firewood. It worked as in the past with a splitting maul and a hydraulic splitter now.

The little 6â X 3â stack of "Nice Pecan All Nighter Back Sticksâ was a nice 2 hr workout. It finally came to me to use the electric chainsaw to make leverage cuts 4-6" deep in the matted Pecan Trunk Logs. The saw d/n hesitate on one cut and the splitter split all from there w/o hesitating.

Just a little help getting started in the matted grain! It was time consuming to convince the logs onto the splitter vs lifting. There were multiple splits if you notice how much the few logs made (for lifting sizes vs convenience). Working from a chair cutting splitting seems lazy but itâÂÂs not as bad on your back. Plus, good leverage for lifting with your elbows on your knees.

These 36â blocks are probably no challenge with the larger equipment. The trimmer mentioned his Stihl with the 36â bar would take 3 minutes per cut 36â cut from what I understood.

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