Defeated By Poulan S25 Pro's Automatic Oiler, Oil Leak, Suggestio

loger_gwFebruary 3, 2012

Defeated By Poulan S25 Pro's Automatic Oiler, Oil Leak, Suggestions Appreciated.

1.The saw is a mess due to what appears as excess bar oil attracting sawdust all over inside the housing.

2. The manuel oiler only works and all parts of the auto oiler looks good and clean, I d/n find a filter.

3. It appears oil could be coming from split oil tank, I question if pressure from auto oiler is causing this?

4. I use a drill bit between my fingers to clear an int port as suggested and compressed in all ports.

5. I'm lost as to what to check or try next, except running the saw with a vented oil cap to release pressure.

6. If a vented cap eliminates the blow-by-oil mess, I'll go with the manuel oiler until I learn more.

7. One observation that could be the killer, the diaphragm w/n rivet to the pintel/plunger vs a return spring washer which is not making the diaphragm a good positive force IMO.

8. The split oil tank c/b the killer as one from new vs this 80's and I feel the manuel oiler is not adding psi.

9. I'll have to empty the tank, clean with a solvent and pressure test with low psi and soapy water.

What Did I miss? Any personal experiences with this Poulan S25 Pro matter, Suggestions/Etc.. loger

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Solved! The saw is too worn and I'll move to S25 #2 with very little use on it (Maybe a week or 2-3 cords as S25 #3 as back-ups all these years). BUT! #2 has that terrible after use bar oil mess in the case. One theory was to open the oil cap to let the pressure off. I doubt it will be that simple since present S25 had a vent hole and this one will get if needed. I'll low psi test and check the case bolts torque which solved a leak on the retired now part saw. Most of all, I'll return the un-used oil to the jug and add news-paper under the saw.

I cut/split/stacked 2 face cord of green Live Oak last week (my avg use) but drug in some Pecan yesterday. loger loger

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