The small 9-12 ton log splitter split all the pecan wood

loger_gwFebruary 23, 2012

The small 9-12 ton log splitter split all the pecan wood cut 12-15" long up to 36" dia w/o any problems or leaks and backed off or slowed 2-3 times (a sharp hatchet was handy with some strings). A 40 year old tree can have some surprises inside from old pruning to cause resistance in what is thought to be clean wood. BUT! After about 3 hrs and finished, I made my final feel for heat and the 1 HP electric motor had the only signs (period) that you c/n leave your hand on long. I feel the heat raised (from 70 degree weather) while the motor was off and the thermal protection kicked-in (it did run again after it cooled).

Is the by-pass over-load valve protecting you from damaging the cylinder's seals etc from using too much force? This was a first because I usually work mornings vs afternoons when the North TX heat starts. I'll plan to pull the filter (as my entry port) and check the oil for contamination etc soon (since I have 6 hrs on the last rebuild).

I had no idea after 30 + years that logs yield so much more split cord measured wood due to cutting smaller wood and not paying attention. This cord of logs yield 1.5 Face Cord + cut/split as needed.

I hope starting this new post was not bad or confusing vs continuing my stale post. loger

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Electric? I'm impressed. Around here a cord is 128 cubic feet. Generally, 4x8x4. What is a face cord.?

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I'm impressed after my 30 + years of a splitting sledge/wedge (good exercise initially).

1. Electric means my hydraulic sys is driven by a 1 HP electric motor vs gas etc.
2. Generally, 4x8x4 is a cord period but with new smaller fireplaces /wood stoves comes Face Cords, 4X16X your
needed length (my opinion vs knowing). Very few fireplaces in this area can use 24" long wood.
3. The splitter is almost too impressive and a recent fluid check showed no noticeable contamination.
4. I will be curious regarding to fluid heat that I h/n noticed vs electric motor heat in North TX heat.


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I would think that a properly operating splitter should be up to 88-90 Deg f. temps for 2-3 hrs. If your system is not leaking through (Relief Valve back to tank or a directional valve) or perhaps a pump issue which normally shows noise and hot foaming within the oil reservoir . I know of some people who have installed a oil cooler on the return side in extreme usage applications . P.S.Yes the Relief Valve is installed to protect the system (hoses , valves ) and more importantly you in case of a over pressure situation . It is usually piped back to the oil tank when over pressure ocurrs .

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Thanks Ewalk! My concern is moisture not boiling off since I have seen light surface rust in the hydro cyl on both rebuilds one yr apart. I'm hoping to influence the moisture to go to the added filter with it being the lowest point in the system. That will be a future report after the 100 hrs recommended change with only 6 hrs on the rebuild and all looking fine ext. It might be a grand's report or great grand's at this rate!

My focus is changing to fishing with wood harvested for next winter but there is no end to small combustion engines troubleshooting all seasons. Good Luck To All! loger

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