Reminder for Honda FG100 tiller owners

javertFebruary 24, 2011

As spring approaches, you should service the transmission of your FG100 - this is something that is easily overlooked, but if you don't you'll almost certainly join the ranks of "Failed Transmission in Honda Tiller Owners."

It's a half-hour job, and step-by-step instructions are in your owners manual. Here's a heads-up: My manual says to loosen the dust cap cover using a 3/32" Allen wrench; in fact, my tiller required a 5/64" wrench - also, that Allen screw is recessed about an inch so that you might think that it is missing.

You put grease in by pressing your grease gun nozzle TIGHTLY against the fill hole, so expect to pump quite a bit of grease onto the outside of the transmission.

This maintenance action is MANDATORY to avoid transmission failure.

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Good "Heads UP!"

Related question to this, I have a small tiller that requires "lubriplate 630AA" in the gear case. It has a zerk fitting and a screw to remove for venting. Problem is, lubriplate is so expensive, or I don't know where to buy it. I order the 1 3/4 oz. tubes online and it's about $11 delivered. The zerk is removed as is the vent screw, then the nozzle of the tube is inserted and squeezed until lube comes out the vent. This works, but is there another lubricant that's comparable?


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I've never heard of lubriplate. I use Green Grease in my FG100. Seems to work great everywhere I have used it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Green Grease

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Just googled Green Grease and I'm going to try it! $7.99 for a tube locally beats $36 on line! I've never bught the ten oz tube, got by with the 1-3/4 oz. ones which were only $7.99 plus S&H.

Lubriplate is kind of a "rocket science lubricant, really slippery stuff.



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I am looking for someone with experience with accessories for the FT 100 Tiller. There are four that I am aware of, Aerator, Dethatcher, Border/Edger and Digging Tines Kit. Would be interested in feedback on any or all of the Kits.

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Wish I could help, Arland, but I just till with mine. I suggest that you start a new thread with your question - you would be much more likely to get responses.

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Aerator: meh, but it is nice having a verticutter for seeding small projects in the lawn. Certainly doesn't make nice crisp slices like a slit seeder.

Dethatcher: works excellent! Keep in mind there is a gap in between the two sides. I usually go in two directions when needed.

Digging Tines: these are similar to the Mantis and work the soil to a finer grain than the stock tines.

Border/Edger: meh! The rpm of the tiller is not fast enough to make crisp lines and cuts. Not worth it.

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