Fothergilla, witch alder. Can I grow it?

char_35November 24, 2011

I'm looking for a foundation shrub and read about the fothergilla. Does anyone know if it will grow in east Texas? It would have to tolerate 100 degree temps and high humidity in summer, and temps as low as 20-30 degree in winter. I found a post from Oct. of this year from someone in Minn. who was growing the plant and had trouble with it growing in the unusually hot summer. Ofcourse, our winters are much different. I'd appreciate your thoughts and comments.

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I'd look to the dwarf version, Fothergilla gardenii. This is native to the southeastern US, including hot, humid and even coastal locations like Florida, a few of the Gulf states and both N and S Carolina. Fothergilla major is more of a montagne species and likely less suitable for your climate.

This is not a drought tolerant shrub - needs a moist, acidic location.

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I was thinking of using the 'gardenii". I have grown azaleas in the spot where I would like to plant it, but because of growing trees, I no longer have enough sun. The Fothergilla seems more tolerant of shade. Now, if I can just find the shrub in our area. Thank you for your comments.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

if you can not find the shrub in your area.. that is usually a good indication that it will not be easy to succeed ... when this happens.. mail order.. if you wish to pick up the challenge ...

the title to your post made me chuckle.. OF COURSE YOU CAN GROW IT ... the issue is when will it die ... everything will grow for a while ... the issue should be attacked from the other direction..which of your seasons.. will put it over the edge ... lack of winter.. too hot in summer ... etc ...

if i were you.. i would research its favored CULTURE ... and figure out which of its cultural requirements.. will be the biggest challenge in your garden .... soil.. sun.. heat.. humidity... drainage ... etc

good luck


Here is a link that might be useful: can you provide well drained evenly moist, rich acidic soil????

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