snowblower gets clogged

reezmoFebruary 10, 2010

i bought a Toro 524 snow thrower second hand. i ran it for the first time, it threw snow for 20 feet and it clogged up, i cleared it and it would clog up immediately every time after i clear the snow out. is this a common problem with heavey snow or could there be something with the machine?

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We have an Ariens 624 that almost never clogs up, to my surprise. I think its the paint in the chute. This unit is only one year old, and the paint is still slick and shiny. If your machine will throw snow 20 feet, it sounds to me like the impeller is working, & therefore I suspect that the chute itself might be causing the clogging.

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that makes sense the paint is almost gone in the chute and a little rust is developing.

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You could wait for a warm & sunny day, & set the blower out in the driveway, to warm up. Then you could coat the inside of the discharge chute with car wax and buff it out a bit. That might reduce clogging.

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Reezmo: You may wish to visually check your Impeller (Turbine) Belt Adjustment. With Heavy Snow you Belt may be beginning to Slip. Also as Eric has advised any dirt , rust
accumulation within the Chute will definitely cause build up of snow even crystallized Cold Weather Snow . With Warmer Weather and wet snow even at the Best of times Clogging can become an issue if you take to big a bite. I usually run less than 3/4 chuteand run at low rate of Gear Speed in wet snow conditions. I agree with Eric if possible refinish the interior of the chute when weather permits , but I would check the Belt Tension 1st Bro ..Let us know how you make out..Ty :)

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thanks i apreciate all advice, i did pretty much all that was suggested waxed all parts good and so far it works fine. thanks for all of your time.

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Reezmo : Great to hear , Ariens is a Quality Machine from all Accounts Happy Blowing Dude !

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