Poulan chainsaw carb adjustment

hokie82February 10, 2009

I have a Poulan 306A chainsaw and just had a carb kit and fuel line put in. It starts and idles great and cuts small stuff (6 to 8 inches) with no problem. However, when I get into bigger stuff it will rev up and run fine until it gets into to the wood and then it will start bogging down and I have to take it out of the wood. I know there are two screws on the side beside the pull rope and one is low speed and the other is high speed but don't know a thing about tuning it. What should I do? Thanks.

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Here is a good page to help you learn about tuning your saw.
That's a nice old saw and if you do it wrong you WILL ruin it.

I would advise you have a buddy actually show you how or take it back to the folks that did the kit.Just for the saws sake.

You can learn how and then you could do it but I wouldn't suggest learning with no-one to guide you. (A live person, not the website.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Madsens Carb tune page

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Not knowing the history of your saw or what was done other than the carb. IMO It maybe a compression problem, spark problem, spark plug/gap problem? if richen up the high mixture an 1/16, top 1/8 turn cournter clockwise. On rare occasions you may have to turn it about 1/4" counter clockwise and this may throw the low jet out alittle. But, usually a slight (1/8" turn will richen it up enough to power through the hard wood. temp., humidity, and altitude also will out of tune a saw sometimes also IMO.

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The other day I did the little adjustment with the high speed screw and for a few minutes it seemed to help. Then the more I ran the saw the worse it ran until finally it cut off by itself. So...I decided to check the air filter which turned out to be clean. It was when I removed the air filter that I got the shock of my life. The entire carb and carb area was literally covered in real fine saw dust. I could tell it was new dust because it wasn't oily and caked in there. No wonder the saw didn't want to run. I'll take it to a pro that knows how to clean it. The air filter wasn't seating and letting dust get in where it shouldn't.

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tom_nwnj(z6 NJ)

How's your chain? Did you drop it in the dirt?

A chainsaw is supposed to put out woodchips, not sawdust.

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