1600 Watt generator electrical problems

tundrawolfFebruary 7, 2012


I have an obsolete generator (no longer supported). It uses two brushes. Recently I have needed it and got it running. But there is no AC output. If I energize the brushes with 13 VDC it will put out AC voltage, but as soon as I remove the 13 VDC the AC output stops immediately. So, I replaced the capacitor, and not it will put out AC for a second on startup, then nothing, until I energize the brushes with DC voltage again.

I tested the two diodes inside the head, and they both test OK. There is a small black box and a voltage regulator left. The black box doesn't test out as a diode, and has a resistance going both ways of around 6.4 ohms.

The voltage regulator is a 4 wire unit. One wire goes to the large capacitor, another wire goes to one of the brushes, another wire goes to the ground, and another wire goes back to the generator coil.

Can anyone give me some advice? maybe building my own regulator?

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I de-potted the potted regulator and found that the large transistor had blown up, and some other components had also blown up.

Unfortunately I cannot get another regulator.

Any ideas on what I could do? The regulator says "S505" on the PCB. I might try replacing individual components but they may be impossible. On one component that has 4 leads, 3 small on the bottom, one large on top, it is blown up and only 5Z is visible on the bottom, and maybe the beginning of an "S" on the top. Then there are two larger units that came unsoldered marked 1GZ then 6.C, and they have a polarizing mark so they are a diode or a capacitor. I am leaning towards diode. Finally, there is the large transistor that is using the metal casing as a heat sink. it is marked D1795 D07 or 007 JAPAN 50 then B C E. (Base Collector Emitter)

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lonewoof(z7 SC)

The large transistor is likely a "2SD1795"; I googled it and found several data sheets. Probably you can find one at a local electronics distributor, or online (Digikey, maybe). Don't know what the other components might be. Can you post pictures of them?

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