What Mid Priced, Electric 16" Bar Chainsaws have worked well

loger_gwFebruary 9, 2013

What Mid Priced, Electric 16" Bar Chainsaws have worked well for you? Thinking ahead, while I enjoy a less Hassle 12" Electric McCullough at home. I will consider a 16" electric chainsaw since my stock (chains, bars, clutches) are for past 16" S25 Poulans. Knowing some parts are universal, I will not look at Poulan only. This means I should try a 16" bar off the Poulan on the 12" McCullough.

The bottom line is using excess stock vs purchasing more as I work smaller and less wood. It will be interesting to see if there are real differences between the gas 16" Poulan's parts. Comparing parts, to Remington and McCullough electrics, bars, clutch sprockets which should be the major differences.

Last, how do you compare Amps, Horsepower and CCs as the engines are rated? My test on current saws is monitoring the load and torque w/o them showing lugging/slowing/stressing

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Stihl has the Best performing electric on the market currently . Pricy but well built . Alternately Mikita or Remington have the only other units that I would consider . Poulan would be a waste of time and money in my opinion if you are going to be using the unit often.

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I have serviced at least three 16" electric chainsaws recently but did not put them to a good test vs checking the repair. I'll have a recall (if needed), see which my 16" bars & chins will fit and put them to some Oak/Pecan 12" dia log cutting. I'll also try the 16" bars/chains on my current electric McCullough with a 14" bar that works good.

Oops on using spare gas saw's clutches, as the sprockets, bars and chains will be the concerns. I have links to adjust chains. Too many chains are new or almost new that I'll hope will fit as is. I doubt any serviced electric saws were Poulan unless they had a Craftsman name on them. All Craftsman and Remington from what I can remember. Who makes Craftsman 16" electric chainsaws (how can you tell)?

One electric saw is due is for a Pit Stop Tomorrow. I'll almost bet it will be "The Usual Of The Chain On Backwards Or Very Dull"!! My friends are not Woodsmen vs BBQing and light trimming. 50% of the repairs (over the yrars) were adapting metal handles to the plastic saws or repairing busted plastic with methylene or ethylene cements.

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I did modify what appeared to be a 14" Electric Poulan Chainsaw that cane in as free Junk. The Donor wanted it back when he saw the modified handle and how well it would cut. Knowing he lived on a wooded lot and had a need for minor trimming constantly, I gave it back (for another trade X my labor).

Can you believe how many pieces this saw came in from a garage sale?? Then you had to visualize the tree or limb that probably trashed the plastic saw? He might have paid 1.00 for the case as his interest but with the saw. Knowing I played with plastics, he asked if it could be glued back together. It could but not worth the cost of the plastic cement/solvent. The metal was a better stronger option, knowing that other plastic saws had failed at the two bolts that holds the bar also.

From my search it appeared very low end: Powered by a 10.5 amp 2 horsepower electric motor
* .4 lbs powerhead weight
* Comes with a 14-inch bar and chain
* 1 year warranty

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I try not to make any repairs or mods that could be considered a liability. I am just noticing from the Poulan's pics that a hand guard should have been includes. I have some from personally removing them from my 70' Poulan gas saws. I have never had or seen a matter where the guard was needed. I am sure they are there for kickbacks. I feel my add-ons would not fit in the case with the guards vs today's guards.

I like to sleep when my Ringing Ears will let me, which means I'll recall that saw (that I doubt has been used). I'll add a guard or keep it for my personal use. Due to Liabilities I only help personal friends that I trade labor vs charges period and know "Most Mechanical Skills".

âÂÂChanging the subjectâÂÂ, what has helped your Ringing Ears? Three Docs have treated me for what they felt was fluid in my ears due to allergies. I have had a lifetime of allergies and no ringing ears, until I started using an electric log splitter (in 09 with a high pitch). I started using ear muffs over my plugs and no signs of relief yet. Some say the ringing comes with age. What is your opinion and relief?

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The ringing in the ears is from long exposure to loud noises, in close proximity to your position. I did auto body work for around fifty years, and never used ear protection. Dumb. But i did it. My ears ring all the time when i am in a relatively quiet place, but i have gotten used to the noise, and it doesn't seem to bother me as much, any more. RJ
Only way to not hear the noise, is go to sleep, or turn the radio up high!

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