Using Newspaper of Unknown Ink Origin as Compost in Beds

OmulnouMarch 17, 2011

I'm trying to think of ways to build up some of my vegetable beds and have several dozen newspapers on hand (don't ask). I have no idea if the ink is soy based or otherwise non-toxic/biodegradable. If this was for my flowers it would not be so much of an issue, but I plan on eating what grows in these beds, so I'm naturally quite concerned about potentially poisoning myself. How big of problem would it be if the inks are not natural?

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Because soya based inks are less expensive to use very few newspapers will spoend the money to purchase the old metallic, petroleum based inks today, if they can find them, because of the affect on the bottom line, the profit that newspaper needs to make to justify its existance. If a business manager of a newspaper, in todays cost cutting arena, atill insisted on purchasing the old type of ink he/she probably would not be employed very long. While it is good to be concerned know that it is not very likely for a newspaper to use inks that might be toxic to your garden.

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the days of using metallic inks on newspapers are long gone...I wouldn't worry about it. For fun, call the newspaper and ask them what kind of ink is used for printing.

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