Snowblower engine blowing oil !

hey_laudiFebruary 7, 2010

My Tecumseh engine (10.5 hp) started blowing oil out of vent tube on carb side of engine. Only happens during hard use such as the 24-30 inch snow that we just received. Any similar problems or solutions ?

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Common issues are too full of oil, (may have been contaminated w/ fuel),breather itself defective or return plugged, rpms too high, external leak such as missing dipstick seal, or simply excessive crankcase pressure from a worn engine. If you are really horsing the machine and /or it is being tipped back a lot- just cover your bases best you can and it should be fine.

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Changed oil this morning to make sure I had proper amount, 28 oz on this one. Also, if I stop the engine to check the oil level, there won't be any on the dipstick at first. After it sits for a while, it will then show on stick. Seems like an oil return problem. Machine is a Husqvarna and is only a couple yrs. old. Not that many hours at all. Thanks for the response. LJ

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When an engine is running, it splashes the oil all around inside the crank-case. And after the oil heats up, it goes everywhere inside the crankcase. After it cools down a bit, and sets quietly, and cools off, the oil will thicken and you will be able to get a reading.
I have seen a machine that the owner did the oil check too soon, with the oil being hot from running. He did the dip-stick check, and since the oil was hot and thin and splashed all around inside the engine, he dumped in a lot of oil! When it cooled down, it had too much oil in it, and clogged everything up!

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Do you think the oil return hole under the valve cover is blocked by a broken piece of gasket or carbon?

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