Morning shade, strong afternoon sun, in CA

Bee_beeApril 15, 2014


I'm very new to gardening, live in the CA, bay area. Trying to spruce an empty backyard. Would like to get your suggestions/opinions, what are your top two or top three preferred plants for backyard garden edges (near fence) that fit the following criteria:1) area has morning shade and strong afternoon sun (1-5 or 6pm). 2) plants that are not invasive (grow too fast that it overtakes garden). 3) low maintenance & hardy 4) drought tolerant

Thank you

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That's a tall order. I'm sure you'll get suggestions here but something else you might consider is a visit to a local garden nursery where you can ask questions and see what plants are being sold in your locale.

Another suggestion is to visit a nursery website or two. Santa Rosa Gardens (in FL) and White Flower Farm (in CT) come to mind. Both provide plenty of online garden information, ideas & suggestions.

Invasive plants are listed on the Internet by state so that's also information at your fingertips. I've posted a link to one website below.

Good luck & happy gardening!

Here is a link that might be useful: Invasive species by state - map

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gyr_falcon(Sunset 23 USDA 9)

The bay area has different growing conditions than the areas where we generally design. But what you want to look for is a full sun plant that can grow in part shade; you do not want to try to convince a shade grower to be happy in 4-5 hours of strong sun. A number of plants would be happy with that amount of sun, so you should still have a variety to choose from.

You listed some other traits you wanted, but did not explain what you wanted the plants to accomplish landscape wise (backdrop, showy, privacy, for example). Is there an overall design plan, even though you may not be installing everything at this time? What height(s) do you need, how wide is the planting area and how large is the overall yard size? Trees or shrubs, or a mix? What is the planned irrigation method? What backyard activities need to be taken into account?

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