Old Homelite Super XL chain saw questions

johnnytugs1(Jackson, N.J.)February 23, 2008

i have an old homelite super xl chain saw

model # 10045A

s/n 310790017

it's old but wasn't really abused or actually used very much.as i was using it the other day, it died, it restarted and died again. i had just replaced the spark plug about 1 1/2 hours of use prior. before it died there was a wierd odor coming from where i believed it was the exhaust. kind of a "sweet" smell. also it seemed as the gas may have been leaking cause it was disappearing rather quickly.but no leak found. i ran out of bar oil and used like 5w-30 in the bar oil chamber. could that have caused it some how?

i have also heard that there were issue's with the gas line

where it goes thru the handle.any ideas or where i could d/l a manual for it?

thanks in advance,


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I would just replace the gas line first ans check the filter. it the gas line is as old as the saw it's probably cracked and leaking or sucking air. If you do replace the gas line it will take awhile for the gas to get pulled up to the carb and all the air worked out. use carb. spray some carb cleaner into the carb. with the trottle held wide open so the saw will run for a short time off the carb. cleaner and will help pull the gas and air out of the line IMO.

Another thought is do you see any gas dripping from the saw either out the muffler or along the bottom below the carb.? The hard starting problem or no start can easily be troubleshoot by spraying a short 2 or 3 second blast of carb. cleaner down the carb. If it hits and runs a short time off the carb. cleaner you have a gas starvation problem.

Don't worry about the carb. cleaner I do this all the time and have NEVER Damaged any of my equipment. Plus you get a side benifit cleaning action of the carb. cleaner being pulled through the engine.

Another thought is it maybe flooding, when the saw gets flooded you will have the comb chamber, crankcase and spark plug coated with a thin layer of oil which will prevent it from sparking sometimes. If you remove the spark plug and it saturated with gas/oil mixture (and it should be if you put mixed gas in it) wash out the comb. chamber and spark plug by spray carb. cleaner into the spark plug hole and pull the rope several times till all the oil is washed out. now put the spark plug back in and start it.

Last thought is the diaphram in the carb has a tiny hole or crack and it sucks air preventing it from pulling the gas through the carb.

Old saws are like new born babies IMO you have to clean the crap out of them if you want them to run and be happy!

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the question about the sweet smell IMO might be old gas if it is old drain you tank and flush it out with fresh gas. and troubleshoot the leak or flooding condition?

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johnnytugs1(Jackson, N.J.)

Thank you very much rcmoser.i'm at work now but will try it when i get off on the 5th and let you know how it went.any ideas where i could download a manual for it? i had checked for leaking gas but saw nothing.i will ck again more closely.
thanks again

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johnnytugs1(Jackson, N.J.)

i went to replace the gas line and it broke as i was pulling it out. i replaced it and the filter and so far so good.i haven't used it yet but it started and ran, it's a step in the right direction.
thanks again,

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I have a old Sears chain saw that has the oil mix printed on the tank.It is 3/4 pint of non detergent oil per gallon of gas.. Can some one tell me the proper mix at todays standards ??? I use Jonsered oil.. It is just a little over 2oz to one gallon of gas.. WIll that work.. Is that 50 to 1 ???? Thanks Bryan

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johnnytugs1(Jackson, N.J.)

cr125r drop me an email, i may be able to point you in the right direction.

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masiman(z7 VA)

Are you saying the saw says to add 3/4 pint/gallon of gas? A US pint is 16oz, a UK pint is 20oz. A gallon is 128oz (Imperial is ~154oz). Rouding to 130oz/gallon: Most saws run at 50:1 nowadays, 2.6oz/gallon (2.6oz*50=130oz). I thought most older equipment ran at 30:1 (130oz/30=~4.3oz). Your ratio would be 130/12=~11:1.

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can i convert my XL12 to electronic ignition? I did it on an old Briggs with just a small module that bypassed the points it worked great. are those available for my saw?

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