H. vernalis

Dzitmoidonc(6)December 25, 2012

H for Hamamelis. This is a bit early, but not unprecedented. Blooms from now until late Feb. This particular one smells divine and can be detected from 50 feet away. A vastly under planted native IMHO.

I know this ain't a shrub, but while I'm on here, this is American Holly (seedling from wild seed collected in VA) after the little snow we got last night. A couple of inches is real nice to decorate with. Those people in WI overdo it with their feet of snow. A few inches is all you need.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

I'd agree that vernalis is vastly underplanted. In fact for hardy shrubs I can grow its top 5 with big hitters like Hydrangea paniculata and Fothergilla gardenii.

The fall color on vernalis is also MUCH more reliable for most of the US than other witchhazel. There are cultivars selected for their typical golden color, red and a mix of the two almost creating an orange fall color, for example 'Sandra'. The plant is quite versatile regarding growing conditions, including ph, soil texture and is somewhat drought tolerant. Grows anywhere from shaded conditions to full sun in colder zones.

There are even short dwarf forms like 'Quasimodo' and weeping froms like 'Lombart's Weeping'.

Its very disappointing that these plants aren't more readily available and promoted. Usually only available but specialty mail order companies. Gossler, Whitman and Song Sparrow usually have a good selection of this species.

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