1st Tiller - Troy-Bilt 'Horse'?

vonfatmanFebruary 22, 2011

I have been reading here that the older Troy-Bilt machines are pretty much the best way to go...

Today, a stroke of luck and bingo...I picked up a decent looking "Horse"? For $200.00

I'm not sure it's a Horse. It runs and operates though and I like the odds.

It has a Tecumseh Engine (HH60 105115H s/n 4033D)

The unit's serial number: 715545

Any suggestions as to how I get an operators manual? I plugged in the serial number on MTD's site...but the request for a model number leaves me scratching my head...no joy as I have no idea what the model number is??

I want to take good care of this unit and make it last.

Any idea what it's H.P. is?

Thank you.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

The unit's serial number: 715545 made in march 1984. 6 horsepower. But (HH60 105115H s/n 4033D) may have engine that was changed look at HH number again on engine that horsepower should be 7hp HH70 = 7hp HH60 = 6hp so on. In 1982 all horses where changed to PTO model that means take off Tiller shaft with 2 bolts at flange behind transmission. You join the troybilttillerclub at yahoo dot com make that into link to search. You also should have 4 speed which uses one belt gain 3rd 4th speed by moving belt over to next pulley grooves. Own mtd site for model use 1 and can use 1 for serial number. One advice if may give is never think your Horse tiller every been serviced most never have. I have 1973 2 speed and 1977 just 4 speed they had original air filter in both tillers one so bad pull engine oil up into air filter a dirty air filter cause high crankcase pressure. Good luck with tiller and join group file there tell hold story.

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Hello, I verified the engine stampings are: HH60 105115H s/n 4033D I agree, I will assume the unit has not been serviced and get the manual and get the tiller all serviced prior to garden work.

I don't know what is up with the engine...hope to learn more.

Thank you for your reply!


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Looks like a "Horse" to me! I had a 6 h.p. Horse with a Tecumseh engine. It did everything it was designed to do.
If you have never worked with a Troy bilt tiller, be careful that the thing doesn't tip too far forward while tilling as it might, and has, broken off the mounting holes and lugs on the engine casting. Would be a good idea to try to find the correct "bumper" that bolts on and keeps the breakage to a minimum, if at all. You could even make one.
Just stay with the Tec engine, if it runs ok.
Note: If you change the transmission oil, the oil must have sulphur in it, to keep the gears in good shape. To fill the tranny, you must remove the handle bar mounting casting. Also, down under the handle bars, is a rectangular steel casting, held in the vertical position by one bolt, and being tapered towards the upper end. the roller on the gear shifter arm moves up and down on the tapered block, and adjusting the block will suffice to make it stay in gear.
From the pics, it looks to be in good condition, just needs a good clean-up.
Warning: If you have to remove a wheel, be very careful if it is stuck on. Hammering or jacking on it will break some retainers inside the tranny, meaning lots of time to fix it.
I got one just like yours, as a trade for two lawn mowers. It had a broken rod. I fixed it and sold it, and the buyer is still using it, after 9 years!
HTH: Rusty Jones

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Thanks Rusty! I appreciate the tips and pointers. I will keep an eye open for a "bumper".


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mark_brown(7 NC)

if the distance between the tines at the center is more than 4 inches the tiller will not be very effective, new tines give u a distance of 3 inches and cost about 100 dollars, they last about one season or so depending on your soil and amount of use. I have had two horse tillers and sold them both, 8 hp b&s. I hande spade and fork everything now in permanite beds. much better than the tiller and a lot cheaper. I can easily dig 100 sq ft bed in one hour.

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You are a better man than I...the reason I bought a tiller was to reduce the need for hand tools.

If foe some reason the 3 - 4" between the tines makes for an extra pass (or two)...I'll smile rather than dig/till by hand.

Have a great weekend!


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If the tine gap is too large, you'll have to make extra passes. If you plan to keep this, spend a few extra bucks for the hardened tines and be careful that they are genuine. I bought mine on ebay from the manufacturer which is in, I believe, Tennessee. They should last many years.

You will have plenty of power with your engine. Be sure to keep it full and change the oil frequently.

I have a manual which I can scan if you can't find one.

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I attached a link showing the tines....they seem to be in decent condition. If/when (yes sir, I'm keeping this old work Horse) I buy new/replacement tines, I will buy genuine tines. I just bought a manual. Thank you very much!


Here is a link that might be useful:

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My 1987 Horse is on its 2nd set of tines - The "new" ones are 12 years old, and still in usable condition; these tines came from the original manufacturer (Garden Way). I have middling-good soil, no rocks. Don't know about tines provided by the new Troy Bilt manufacturer.

I use my Horse to till before planting in spring, and after fall crops have finished producing, and use the Honda FG-100 for cultivating, so the Horse doesn't get a lot of use. Actually, if I didn't already own it, I'd just rent a big tiller twice a year.

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strelnikov(NE IL)

Good luck with the old Tecumseh. I've had nothing but carburetor issues with them. I pulled the Tecumseh (HH80 I think it was) off my Roto-Hoe tiller and repowered it with a 10 HP Briggs Intek and never looked back.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Your tines look like new when really worn front and back edge make point at tip. Engine if when need one Harbor Freight has price at 129.00 today for greyhound 6.5 hp engine. In 2008 before any sales they where 120.00 I bought one then spare still in box. Overhead valves give engine a lot more torque than old flat head engine. Tecumseh spot manufacturing in December 2008 but there a lot parts out there for old engines. Old style bumpers no longer made so ask for troybilt horse bumper and in stall what comes it fit. Price cheaper on new style around 50.00 new style fits Briggs Stratton engine so some what larger than old style bumper.

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Thanks for all the great thoughts. I was able to locate an old Horse bumper. I feel fortunate to get my hands on one...I am looking forward to learning more and see a learning curve in my future!

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