Cleaning Hydraulic Tank On Wood Splitter

jwatts8275February 19, 2011

Just bought an older wood splitter and have begun to rejuvinate it. After changing the ignition system from points and condenser to electronic ignition and rebuilding the carburetor the engine runs great. Now I need to clean out the hydraulic tank and flush the pump and hoses. The tank had water and who knows what mixed in with the hydraulic fluid which left about 1/2 inch of (nasty)sludge in the bottom of the tank. I'm pretty sure there may be some sludge or various other types of yuck built up in the pump, cylinder and hoses. Now to my question and down on my knees plea for help....

Would anyone happen to know a way to remove the sludge from the bottom of the tank and flush the pump and hoses? The tank has a 1 inch diameter hole in the top for adding and checking the fluid and a 1 inch hole in the bottom for draining it. It is welded to the frame so it can't be removed. Any ideas, suggestions or information of known methods will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help offered.

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assuming it is a tow behind style dump a gallon or two of diesel in the tank. hook it up and tow up and down a rough road for a mile or so. jack or block it up so the drain plug is lower than the rest of the tank. drain it and use a tank sprayer w/ diesel to wash what you can by sticking the wand down the fill hole. if it doesn't already have one i strongly recommend a hyd filter on the suction line since there's no guarantee the tank will be absolutely clean. hyd pumps aren't cheap!!

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