Arctic sun dogwood pruning

mainegard3(5b-6a)December 4, 2012


I'd like to have many new stems coming up from the ground.
If you look at the pic you will see two main stems with new wood growing off of that. I'm thinking a rejuvenation cut to the ground, maybe one base stem at a time might trigger the regrowth I want from ground up. Thoughts are welcome.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

well.. i gotta tell you .. i have repeatedly complained about sideways pix.. but you are the first to get one upside down .. lol .. and man is it giving me a headache.. lol ... seriously.. i cant even focus on it .. lol .. and i bet its a GW issue ... not you ...

tell me.. is there about 3 - 6 inches.. then a major Y???

and how long has it be in situ???

if its only been a year .. leave it alone ..

second year.. lop off one side of the Y ... maybe to encourage it..

but in all reality.. it will sprout from the base.. when it is darn ready too ... whats your hurry????? [and i am speculating on this.. by looking at google images of it .. i dont have one]

the roots will send up shoots.. when it has a mature enough root mass ... if you just go chopping it off.. removing a majority of its canopy.. the stuff that will grow the roots.. it may .. or may NOT... recover ...

it is probably a run it over with the truck type plant ... like the other dogwoods or this type ..

i am just wondering if its vigorous enough.. at this time.. to use the truck ...

anyone know if there is some reason this would be a grafted plant????

good luck


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

I appears more like 2 rooted cuttings than a single stem which branched.

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