Help me formulate an outdoor coir based container mix

filmost(8b)March 19, 2014

-- Sorry, didn't realize there was a container gardening forum, going to repost this over there, although by all means please reply if you have ideas since technically I am trying to build an all organic mix --

So I am looking to plant out my spring garden here in about another week or so. Mostly peppers with some tomatoes and other odd things here and there.
Many things are going to go straight into the ground, but I will also be planting some into containers (fabric and plastic) for easy over wintering later on.

I currently have at my disposal coir, worm compost (non-powdered), leaf compost, high phosphorus guano, and perlite. I can also easily acquire vermiculite, bark compost, and various manures.

What would make a good combo for use in outdoor containers?

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I would ordinarily suggest you not put any compost in your mix, but since you're going organic I would go for a 3 part coir + 1 part organic compost mix + 1 part perlite (vermiculite would be marginally better, but since you have perlite it's not a big deal) for a 60/20/20 mix overall (by volume, not weight).

Watch your watering, both over and under watering...and mix the container mix very well before putting it into containers. Soil + soiless container mixes are a bit more tricky to monitor than a total soiless container mix.

This isn't a "slam dunk"'s just what I would do if I had your materials and I was planning on growing them with organic methods. Ordinarily I wouldn't put compost anywhere near a container mix, much less 20%, but without chemical fertilizers the nutrient leeching vs availability can get a little harsh and the organic fraction will help hold a bit of it around in the root zone a little longer. I would also err on the side of "too little" compost in that mix over "too much" if you're measuring out the parts by sight.

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Thanks! What would be your ideal "slam dunk" mix?

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I grow an oraganic garden i have a video on youtube just posted and has instructions on how to mix up a batch of soil just like what you need feel free to check it out.

Here is a link that might be useful: TheItalian Garden

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Very cool Jonathan, checked it out and looks exactly like what I am looking to do. I will probably add a few more things in there just to keep things more hands off. Thanks!

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