A quick look in 2 cycle's exhaust port will tell the story

loger_gwFebruary 24, 2012

A quick look in 2 cycle's exhaust port will tell the story of if they are worth any time. I have never seen so many bad cylinders as lately. Is it the lack of quality of the cheap engines or lack of maintenance and mix? It is frustrating to help friends with what you feel will be a fuel issue but find a bad cyl and no compression first. Removing the muffler and checking the cyl is almost an instinct with 2 cycles and it saves lots of time on trashing vs working engines.

I'm curious after seeing a scored cyl today and I gave it the quick "Thumb Test" for compression. This was one of the few that I could hold "ALL" of the compression in the cyl with my thumb while cranking. My question is, are there low compression start systems that will allow this in today's technology? In the past years I have had many known bad cyls but I still c/n hole all the compression with my finger. loger

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In addition to seeing the cylinder, you can also see if the exhaust port is carboned up. This would be a problem in addition to a blocked muffler screen if the motor doesn't rev up properly to high speed.

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