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rangerdonFebruary 25, 2011

Does anyone here remember the olden times when Dave the Arborist from Canada posted here? Mostly about chainsaws. Also an older fellow from Washington state who was in on a lot of development in modern chainsaws. Dave posted lots of pics & links to racing saws as well.

I just remembered; his last pics were of a female friend he was teaching saw safety; that might be why he isn't here any longer.

Just curious.


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Yes, Don, maybe she cut him, and he died from the injury. Or, he could have gone broke, or left the country, or---died! Perish the thought! I'm 86+, but still going strong!

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Are you sure that it was "Dave" the arborist from Canada who was teaching a female? It may have been Yukon John from Canada who is not an arborist but is instead a high grade logger, which is not a compliment if you are not aware, although he does know saws fairly well. He is still around other websites under various names. Look him up on You tube as Yukonjohn. Still the same entertainer as he ever was.

Older gent from Washington? Either of two older gents from Northern California might be who you're thinking of. Ken Dunn or Art Martin who were involved to some extent in early timbersports and pacific northwest logging, neither of whom was integrally involved in modern saw design as far as I know but Art is a chain expert and Ken built excellent racing and work saws.

Walt Galer, who hailed from Eureka, Montanna was also a chain expert and worked for atleast a couple of the big chain companies around the world. He was driven from internet posting in a bitter battle with the west coast bullies and a three dollar hooker known as Gypo Logger, aka Yukonjohn.

If you are sure the person whom you are thinking of was from Washington perhaps it was Robert Andrews, aka Rotax Robert, builder and owner of the Predator hotsaw, he's still around and he's not old, maybe 50ish.

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There was also a Dave, that was a Sears tech in California.

John Lambert was banned from here and led a bunch to other sites.

The moderator here ran a taught ship, this used to be one of the best forums around.


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Hey, Fish - you're still here! Remember when some of us used to get sent to Disney World? If you upset the moderator he'd cancel your membership and when you tried to sign in your browser was redirected to the Disney World website. That's why my current "became a member on" date is in 2001. I think the guy you (Fish) mentioned posted as "techdave," and he was pretty good. I miss him, and you, Kevin, and "later Butch."

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I'm pretty sure the name was Dave. He once said something about running away from home in his teens & learning logging from some Finns or Swedes or Danes (something like that, anyway). He was free with advice & most of it seemed to be pretty good also. He DID flame people sometimes, but I thought he was a pretty nice guy. BTW, I was DonCO back around '99 & '00.
Barbedwire, Walt might be the other one I'm thinking of. A wealth of knowledge & always level-headed if I remember correctly.
Rusty, I'm thinking Walt was nearly your age back then. And if I'm right about 'Dave', his wife found out about the 'friend' near the end of his postings.
Ain't memories fun?

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rangerdon, I'm pretty sure that you are referring to Yukon John. He went west as a young man from the Toronto area and learned logging from some Finns and Swedes as I recall. John is a smarter guy than he often lets on to and he is free with advice, the only spoiler being is that sometimes in jest he will suggest things that aren't good advice and the person receiving and using that advice had better know that. He was alledgedly teaching a lesbian female standup comic from the Toronto area how to use a saw, he posted pictures of her and she is a legit comic.

He was divorced, his ex and kids living near Toronto, then he met "Cinnamon Girl" online, gathered her up from out west and married her and brought her back east. Unfortunately that didn't work out. There may have been a storyline for the internet about his wife finding out about his girlfriend but it would have been for entertainment's sake if we are both thinking of John. There were also stories surrounding his friendship with Che, as she was married, but to my knowledge that was also just in fun as Che lived in Kentucky and John was still in the Great White North. John is a prolific photographer and now short clip videographer.

If you are sure that you are still not thinking of John I apologize for being insistent that you are.

I'd somewhat forgotten about Kevin...he is actually quite knowledgable and he is an arborist/forester for a Canadian utility, think it's phone.

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Che lived about 30 miles away from me, and John came through Ky to visit me and her both. He was driving a
huge pickup with a camper stuffed full of saw carcasses from
NW logging camps, making his way back home via a southern swing.
We went to lunch at the local Chinese buffet, his girl,
and my wife too, and talked about lot's of things, mainly
our internet exploits, his online saw sales, my experimenting with e-bay, etc..
He insisted on paying the bill for lunch, and didn't realize how cheap it was, and gave the waitress a $20 tip,
told her to keep the change.
Which was a record for the small town of Lawrenceburg Ky........

The waitress still talks about it.....

He left Lawrenceburg, headed for Danville, looking for Che.

Never heard how that turned out.
She was a member here really into Irises and Farm Life
and on those forums a lot, I never did meet her, but seemed
like a great person.


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Well, Dave & John both have 4 letters. Maybe that's how I got them mixed up.
Fish, didn't you post something about that visit at the time? That sure rings a bell anyhow.
I think it's amazing how I started this whole thing with the wrong names & states & still get what I was looking for.
Thanz, guys.

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Ranger, obviously you didn't misunderstand what you thought we didn't really say, because what we all said is something entirely different from whatever it is that you think that we did say ... or maybe it's just the reverse, and we didn't say whatever it was, so perhaps what you think is something different, don't you know?

In any case, if it ain't runnin' right I suggest that you remove the thermostat and throw it over into the neighbor's yard. That's never really worked for me, but it p----s the neighbor off. which I enjoy greatly.

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Javert, I think it's the doomaflotchet that's gummed up; either that or the whatchamacallit might be flummoxed here. Either way, it's too far to fling it into the neighbor's yard.
But thanx, anyway.

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I recall atleast one time where Yukonjohn posted a story about him removing some high grade trees within the city limits, perhaps that planted the seed that he is an arborist.

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