Help! Shipping mix-up!

mysteryrose(z5)April 7, 2013

An otherwise reliable vendor has let me know that my 6 bareroot roses have been shipped a week earlier than I requested. I'll be out of town for five days. What should I have our house sitter do? There's a spare fridge in the basement--would that keep them viable? Should he open the box and make sure they are moist? All help appreciated. Thanks.

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What are the temps likely to be in your zone 5 location for the 5 days you'll be out of town? Still on the cool side, I'd guess. My advice would be to instruct the neighbor to leave the box unopened and placed in an unheated area (like a garage or basement), and situated so that it will receive do direct sun from a window.

That reliable vendor probably packed those bareroots well enough to withstand the short period of time you'll be out of town.

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seil zone 6b MI

An unheated garage, maybe, but not a basement. That will still be too warm. AND I'd still want them to open them and make sure they're kept moist. Or even put them in a bucket of water until you get home. They can stay in a bucket for at least a week without any harm. Without knowing how they're packaged I'd want to be certain they won't dry out.

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

I'm with Seil on soaking them in a bucket in the garage. I had posted a thread a couple of weeks ago asking how long I could leave bareroot roses soaking for, and the general answer was, quite awhile. Some of mine are currently going on week 2 and seem to be fine.


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I can report that my Rosemania shipment this year remained boxed and in my basement a bit more than a week - - not because of an emergency, but because I chose to leave them unopened until a respite from this spring's freakish weather was forecast. The roots were soaked for abt 24 hours before planting a week ago today. Just dashed out to checked on them again & they all look fine. I'll try to remember the name of this thread so I can let you know if any of the six croaks.

Rosemania is one reputable supplier that doesn't do much to ensure that roots remain moist during shipment. Bareroots that are shipped fully dormant can withstand a bit more than than most of us think.

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jaxondel, seil, TNY78:

Thanks for your help. I'd always thought that bareroots should be soaked for no more than 24 hrs. Good to know that 5 days won't do them in. The supplier is in a warmer clime (California), so I hope they haven't broken dormancy. I like the unheated garage suggestion too. This Friday, while I'm drinking a mint julep in Savannah, an expected Chicago snow will cool those beauties out in the garage.

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seil zone 6b MI

Enjoy your trip with a clear conscience!

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