rose rosette identification?

Brooks23April 27, 2014

Hi, I had several roses last year with rose rosette disease and this year I have dug up 2 roses that were infected. This sprout came form the bottom of a Carefree Beauty rose. I am not sure if it is RRD. The growth looks a little deformed. Maybe I should have let it grow a little more. I want to remove the rose quickly if it is the disease.

Thanks for looking, Brooks23

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I think you might be a bit over-anxious. Thorniness isn't necessarily a sign of RRD--and some canes will be thornier than others. I would need to see some really, really ugly growth along with those thorns before I'd feel confident diagnosing it as RRD.

But others may have different experiences.

Sorry about your RRD victims. I lost several over several years also--but had none last summer. So here's hoping.


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seil zone 6b MI

My other though is that the weather has been anything but hospitable for roses. These could just have been shoots grown in too cold weather or hit by a freeze during development. I think everyone in the cold zones is going to see some kind of strange growth patterns this spring.

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Hi Kate and Seil, Thanks for looking and your comments. I will keep my fingers crossed and check everyday.

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

One thing that often shows on roses sick in early spring are way shortened internodal distances and these look normal.

I agree that they look ok.

This past late winter stretching way into spring is causing damage on a lot of new growth that most years would be weeks ahead of what it is now. The shift from reddish new growth to green is also happening slower from what I see in my yard.


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Thanks Ann. I am watching all my roses very carefully this year. If I have to dig up this rose it will be a big job because the rose is old with lots of roots.
Best wishes, Brooks23

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